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Travelers Home Insurance Review

Travelers is a well-known insurer with home insurance policies that's designed to protect your home. We review the company to uncover the good and the bad.

Travelers is an insurance provider that takes pride in putting value to the things that are most important to their clients. Due to their reputable financial standing, Travelers has become one of the most reliable insurance providers in the country today.

The History Of Travelers Insurance Company

With over 160 years in the business, Travelers has undergone several changes. Travelers started the business with a two-cent premium. Over the years, the company has evolved to be an insurance provider that employs 30,000 employees in over five countries. On top of that, Travelers also employ 13,500 independent agents and brokers in the US, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, and the UK.

In 2004, Travelers merged with the St. Paul Fire and Marie Insurance Company to form the Travelers Companies, Inc. Travelers is known to pioneer several programs and put a priority on their research programs. They established their own weather research center along with an insurance school. Travelers also introduced coverage options for electronic data processing and identity fraud expense reimbursement.

Travelers provide special attention to features that offer convenience to their clients. In 1968, they used an RV called the CAT Van as a mobile claim office for easier processing of claims. They also have the Office for Consumer Information that answers any queries regarding issues on insurance.

Plans And Packages

Travelers offer a variety of home insurance that protects their client’s home and personal property. The basic coverage would provide protection against fire, severe weather conditions, theft, vandalism, and falling objects. Here are some of the insurance policies designed to protect one’s home.

Dwelling Coverage – The claim for this policy is based on the cost of rebuilding the home or the replacement cost. This means that despite the fair market value of your home, the basis for the premium is the cost of rebuilding. It may be a bit higher than what you would expect, but this is because the cost of rebuilding is affected by other factors like inflation and improvements done to the property.

Other Structure Coverage – The dwelling coverage only covers the actual structure of the house. In order to protect the other parts of the home like the garage and fences, one can choose to get the Other Structures Coverage to go along with the dwelling coverage.

Personal Property Coverage – As we have mentioned, the dwelling coverage only provides protection for the structure of the property. This means that personal and movable properties are not covered by the policy. However, the client can choose to avail of coverage that offers replacement cost for personal properties, but it is subject to certain limitations.

Loss of Use Coverage – This insurance policy helps cover the temporary living expenses that may be incurred when the client has to move out of their property due to damage to the property.

Personal Liability Coverage – If an accident happens in the client’s home, the personal liability coverage will cover all legal expenses in case of a lawsuit.

How To Lower The Premium Of Travelers Homeowners Insurance


Travelers offer 5 different discounts that can help clients to save up on their premium. They offer basic discounts like the multi-policy discount and protective device discount. However, they also offer less common discounts like the discount for new homes and the green home discount.

Green Home Discount offers 5% off for homes that are certified by the LEED as a green home. On the other hand, the Home Buyer Discount is offered to clients with a home that was purchased within a year before the policy takes effect. Homeowners that haven’t had any loss or claims during a certain period can save up on their premium with the use of the Loss-Free Discount.

The Multi-Policy Discount offered by Travelers is also relatively higher when compared to other insurance companies. Getting a bundle of car insurance and home insurance policy from Travelers will allow the client to save up to 15%.


Homeowners with devices that detect and protect homes against damages can claim the Protective Device Discount. Some devices that qualify for this discount are smoke detectors, fire alarms, interior sprinkler systems, home security systems, or any devices that alert the homeowner of imminent danger. As a bonus, Travelers even give out a FREE Amazon Echo Dot to eligible customers for added protection.

The Best And Worst Features Of Travelers Homeowners Insurance

The Best

OpenHouse Tool – Provides details on the history of the home to help homeowners decide when making a purchase. It may include details on the upgrades and improvements made on the home.

Superior Financial Strength – Travelers’ financial strength has been rated A++ by A.M. Best.

The Worst

Below Average Customer Service – J.D. Power gave a score of 802 for Travelers in their customer satisfaction study, which is lower compared to the industry’s average rating.

Agent Finder Tool Needs Improvement – The tool needs to be more centralized in terms of information for a more convenient way to find agents and review their qualifications.

Our Verdict

Overall, Travelers is a reputable insurance company with excellent financial standing. After all, they are the only property casualty company included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. However, like most companies that have been around for centuries, Travelers need to improve on aspects that can help them keep up with the development of modern technology.

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