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Is vacant land insurance required?

Vacant Land Insurance: Is It Required?

Short answer: No. Should you get it? Yes. Why? Vacant land isn’t spared from accidents. You’ve heard about wildfires or any other accidents for that matter, right? This is why it is important to get vacant land insurance because you still hold responsibility for anything that happens within the premises. We have covered the basic questions regarding vacant land insurance and we have found a way to answer all your queries.

How to Get Vacant Land Insurance?

Vacant lot insurance is only applicable for a property that doesn’t contain an existing structure. The lot should be empty in order for the property owner to be eligible for this type of policy. You can consult with your insurance company about the possible packages included in the coverage. The premium will also depend on the purpose of use for the land. While there are vacant parcels of land that remain unused, there are others that use vacant lots for a variety of purposes.  

When will vacant land insurance become null and void?

Once the property begins construction of a building, the vacant land insurance will become null and void. The property owner should then apply for another form of insurance that is applicable to the property. If they are building a home, they should get a builder’s risk insurance for the duration of the construction process and a standard homeowners insurance policy. If in case they are erecting a commercial building, the owner should purchase separate insurance for the building.

Why should I get Vacant Land Insurance?

First, you are responsible for anything that happens on your property. If someone trips on the land and break their hip, you are responsible. If there is a hunter that accidentally slips while hunting, you may be sued. When a driver crashes on a tree on your property, you might be sued. This may end up costing you so much more in the long run, which is why it is vital to keep you protected even when there are not structures erected.

Second, there are natural calamities that may put your land and other properties at risk. If your property is filled with weeds and grasses, there is a chance that a wildfire may occur. If your property is struck by lightning and a fire starts and affects other properties, you are held liable.

Basically, your vacant land insurance works as your personal liability protection. It protects you against legal costs that may fall on your shoulder if an accident occurs in the vacant land. When you have vacant land that is used constantly, it is important to check the potential danger in the property and ensure the upkeep of the area.

Potential Dangers on a Vacant Land


If the land is going to be used for hunting, it is best to purchase vacant land insurance as hunting poses several risks. When hunting, hunters carry weapons and equipment that are rather dangerous. If a hunting accident occurs in the premise of your property, you may be sued and the legal fees may pile up. Hunters may also bring along guard dogs and they may accidentally bite someone, which can also be another potential liability for the owner.


Properties that contains a body of water that is viable for fishing may provide a business opportunity for the owner. There are even owners that charge a fee for fishing in the property. If the path towards the fishing area is slippery, the visitors may slip on the property and become injured. This may lead to another lawsuit filed by the injured parties, which will end up costing you more legal or liability fees than you can handle.

Vehicular Accident

If a car crashes on a tree in your property, you should be prepared for a plateful of lawsuits coming your way. You won’t be charged for legal costs alone, but you might end up paying for their hospital bills, living expenses, and so much more.


Vacant pieces of land may seem like a good investment, but every investment also comes with different types of risk. This is why it is vital to protect your investment with insurance that will minimize your liability. It is for this very same reason that you should get in touch with your insurance provider and ask about the vacant land insurance that will suit your property.

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