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Virginia Homeowners Insurance

home-insurance-300x200If you are a homeowner in Virginia, you might occasionally think about ways to save money on your home insurance. After all, it costs hundreds of dollars each year, so cutting down on that would open up some more money for other things. In this post, we will first take a look at how expensive it is to have homeowners insurance in Virginia relative to the rest of the United States. Then we will offer some ways to reduce the amount that you have to pay for your insurance.

As far as rankings go, Virginia is actually a fairly good state for insurance. The average annual premium for Virginia Homeowners Insurance is $946. That might feel like a lot, but it is lower than average: 31 states have higher premiums than Virginia. The average premium for the US as a whole is $1132. A lot of factors cause these costs to vary from state to state, although the most important ones are related to the severity of the local weather and the odds of a tectonic event like a volcano or earthquake. Virginia happens to be relatively tranquil, so insurance costs less here than in most places.

If you still want to get cheap homeowners insurance, though, there are two main strategies to pursue. The first is to look for a better deal. Tell your current provider that you might switch to a different company and see if they want to offer you a discount. Get quotes from competing companies to find the least expensive option with the same coverage. Use the quotes to try to get even lower offers. An insurance company would rather make a little less money than lose you entirely, so take advantage of that.

top-homeowners-coverageThe second strategy is to make improvements to your home. Your insurance company should have a list of improvements like adding storm windows or weatherizing the house that you can do and get a lowered premium. Anything that can make it less likely that the house will be damaged and that you will file a claim with them is a potential discount. You can also ask about fixing and repairing any existing problems, like an unsecured pool, unsafe stairs, or a broken fence that might be dangerous. Taking care of these items can sometimes get you a discount. It is worth at least asking if there is anything you can do to get a lower bill. Then you can decide if those projects are worth doing.

Virginia Home Insurance is a good deal, but you are still paying an average of over nine hundred dollars. That’s a significant amount of money, so it’s worth checking to see if there is any way to reduce it with the approval of your insurance provider.