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Wawanesa Home Insurance Review

Wawanesa Home Insurance Review

Wawanesa Home Insurance Review

Wawanesa is an insurance company that was founded in Canada offering auto and homeowners policies. They operate in only two states in the United States, but their rates are competitive, and their claims process is quick. Do they hold up to the standards they’ve set for themselves?

Wawanesa overview

Wawanesa insurance started in Canada over 100 years ago in the town of Wawanesa. They were founded in 1896 for the purpose of providing insurance for farmers on the Canadian prairies. After its humble beginnings, Wawanesa grew and eventually became one of the largest insurance providers in all of Canada. Wawanesa decided to establish a wing in the United States in 1974 and built offices in San Diego, California.

Wawanesa was the first Canadian based insurance company to successfully transition into the United States. After establishing their presence in California, Wawanesa expanded into Oregon. California and Oregon are the only two states where Wawanesa provides insurance. In California, they offer both auto and homeowners insurance but in Oregon they offer only auto insurance. Their Canadian offices offer a host of different policies which could indicate the plan to expand insurance policies in the United States.

Wawanesa is a young company in the states, but they have been operating for over 100 years in Canada granting them the experience and capabilities of larger insurance companies. Wawanesa does not operate through agents and sells their insurance policies directly through the company to anyone who qualifies. This will cut out the possibility for agents raising the premiums to compensate for their commission.

Financial situation – rates and claims

Wawanesa specializes in auto insurance in the United States but does offer a basic homeowners policy in California. The homeowners policy covers any damage to the home by a named peril. Add-ons and extra coverage are available for higher premiums as with most insurance companies and tenant and landlord insurance is offered. Wawanesa auto policies are straightforward and easy to follow. They offer drivers a basic policy with the possibility for extra coverage all at a relatively low cost in premiums. They offer safe driver discounts and loyalty discounts which can help you save on premiums.

Wawanesa’s insurance rates are much lower than the average insurance policy rates. They aren’t the lowest rates you can find, but they are competitive and provide you with ample coverage. They have a $500 maximum deductible so if the damage exceeds this amount, you will be covered by insurance. Wawanesa seems to lend its efforts to the safer drivers so if you don’t have a clean record you might find higher rates.

Their claims process is easy to understand and can be done online, over phone, or through email. They offer toll-free phone lines for both Oregon and California customers. This makes the claims process easy to start, and they will provide an appraiser within 48 hours of the claim. Wawanesa promises to get the claims process started quickly and to handle it efficiently.

Consumer reviews

Wawanesa has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau ever since 1975 with an A+ rating. As with every company, they have a mixture of negative and positive reviews but there’s no glaring issue. Most of the negative reviews tend to lean towards customers not being able to get a hold of a representative quickly. Where most negative reviews would normally be geared towards claims service, Wawanesa doesn’t seem to have this issue. The consumer reviews state that their claims process is relatively unproblematic and quite useful.

Wawanesa seems to be responsive to their customer complaints with over 30 complaints closed in the past couple of years. Some customers do complain that they’ve been waiting for a claim to be completed for years but these complaints will be found in almost any insurance company. Wawanesa seems to be positively acclaimed by most of their client base.

Wawanesa is also critically acclaimed as they have been voted the best auto insurance company in California by J.D Power and Associates. A company of this size, having both the critic and consumer reviews that it does, is a positive sign for future policyholders.

Pros and cons


Wawanesa boasts stellar rates for quality insurance policies. They have relatively low insurance premiums that offer decent coverage with a maximum deductible of $500. The coverage they provide is typical for homeowners policies, but their auto insurance seems to be highly regarded. There is a surprising amount of positive reviews for this company. Most reviews are done out of anger so finding positive reviews as plentiful as with Wawanesa is a good sign.


They don’t have a broad range of insurance options, focusing mainly on auto insurance but if you’re looking to cover your car, Wawanesa might be the best option. They are a small company in the United States but a large and experienced one in Canada. They have the knowledge and the ability to provide quality coverage to their customers.

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