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What You Need To Know About Wedding Insurance

What You Need To Know About Wedding Insurance

What You Need To Know About Wedding Insurance

Nobody wants to imagine a wedding day that goes in any way but perfectly but unfortunately sometimes things go wrong. And when it’s out of your control, you may be able to get covered. Damaged gowns, stolen gifts, and cancellations do occur, and wedding insurance can offer financial protection from these incidents.

Wedding insurance offers the couple getting married some peace of mind while they plan for and go through with their big day. Wedding insurance also has two separate types: liability and cancellation coverage. Cancellation coverage only covers cancellations that are not the fault of either of the people getting married. More often than not, these two can be bought in a bundle. There are also certain add ons if the spouses have particular worries or needs that aren’t being met by the insurance package.

It’s important to read these policies closely and make sure you know what’s being covered. A lot of the time, the cost of wedding insurance is very minimal in comparison to the cost of the wedding itself and may be worth some consideration. 

What it Covers

Wedding insurance protects the couple’s investments into the wedding by covering circumstances out of the couple’s control and out of control only. What if someone loses their custom tux on the flight? What if your baker cancels last minute, so you have to find one that charges three times the price? What if your mother-and law trips and falls getting on stage? What if the rings are lost in airport bags? What if the space you’re holding the wedding goes out of business or cancels?

Incidents like these are common and can be very costly. These can be huge financial losses, and they are exactly what wedding insurance tries to protect people from. 

Wedding insurance covers multiple specific categories. It covers the site, which is why it’s important to see if the site is already insured. The sites are usually where the wedding and reception are held, but some companies also include the site of the rehearsal dinner. Weather conditions are also something insurance covers. Any weather which prevents the wedding or prevents multiple people from being able to reach the destination in time is covered by most wedding insurance. Vendor no-shows are a huge hassle, and wedding insurance can cover a postponement or even a cancellation. It also covers sickness or injury, or military deployment issues. 

Wedding insurance doesn’t cover much jewelry loss except for the actual wedding rings in most cases. In fact, wedding insurance rarely covers the engagement rings. It also doesn’t cover one of the people getting married getting cold feet or fleeing. Supplemental policies can cover things that weren’t originally covered. Photographers and videographers can be insured, if they don’t show up or the photos are damaged or not taken. Accessories (the veil, hairpieces, etc), can be covered. You can add on personal liability if any of the guests get injured or falls. You can even add on to get your honeymoon covered. 

How To Get Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance can be obtained in multiple ways depending on where your wedding will be. You can get wedding insurance through existing homeowners or renters insurance, get a separate wedding insurance policy, or get a special event insurance policy.

With homeowners insurance, if this is being hosted in a home, covers liability. However, it’s important to inquire about liquor liability if some people are getting drunk and irresponsible. Homeowners insurance may even cover stolen or destroyed gifts. For obtaining separate insurance for your wedding, it’s important to note that companies can deny you if your wedding is going to contain anything they might find too risky to cover. This includes fireworks, trampolines, and live animals.  

Not everyone, however, needs wedding insurance. The cost of wedding insurance can vary from $100 to $500 depending on what kind of coverage the couple needs. For very extravagant ceremonies, this can be up to $1,000. It’s important to check with the vendors and locations for the wedding how well they’re insured, and if they have their own policies. This can help you figure out where you are- and aren’t- fully covered. Once that is known, couples should, in theory, buy insurance when they start writing checks, but it can be purchased up to two weeks before the event in most states. When finding insurance, it’s also important to look at the coverage limits. You’ll want the limit to be close to your wedding and honeymoon budget. 

Overall, wedding insurance is a solid investment if you aren’t already protected or covered in some way. While it can’t protect from a broken heart, it can give you peace of mind that your finances are taken care of. 


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