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West Bend Mutual Home Insurance Review

West Bend Mutual Home Insurance Review

West Bend Mutual Home Insurance Review

West Bend, part of the West Bend Mutual Insurance Group is a Wisconsin-based insurance group that provides insurance to Midwestern states. West Bend is one of the most deep-rooted companies in the Midwest region, with over 120 years in business. West Band was initially founded in 1894 after a fire burned down many businesses in the town of West Bend, WI. West Band was a commercial insurance company started by business owners that secured commercial properties from theft and accidents.

West Bend grew to become one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. West Bend currently provides insurance in 11 states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio. West Bend’s larger parent company, West Bend Mutual Insurance, is one of the largest insurance conglobates on U.S. soil. Their specialty is residential and automotive insurance in the Midwestern states.

West Bend sells multiple insurance policies, and their main policies are home insurance and auto insurance, but the company also provides commercial business insurance and bonds. West Bend does not sell their policies directly, but rather they assign thousands of independent agents who sell their policies in each state. Clients must enter their zip code and reach out to a local licensed agent in order to purchase one of their policies. West Bend continually expands its reach, and currently offers their policies across 11 states. West Bend is located in West Bend, WI.

West Bend home insurance policies are available for the following:

  • Homes
  • Condominium units
  • Rental units/tenants

West Bend Financial Ratings

West Bend holds “A” ratings from financial institutions for stability, the company is part of the Better Business Bureau which grants it an “A+” rating for financial stability and customer service. The reach of the company is huge and the complaint ratio is minimal which serves as a testament to West Bend’s excellent customer service.

Home Insurance

West Bend offers standard HO-3 insurance that provides coverage against all theft, natural disasters, and similar accidents. West Bend’s most popular plan is a bundle called “Home and Highway” which is a combined auto-home insurance that protects a client’s property and vehicle, hence the name “Home and Highway”.

HO-3 Policy

West Bend’s most popular home insurance policy is their HO-3 home insurance. The company provides liability for the home including all medical expenses. There are also 3 main add-on packages under the HO-3 – the ‘Protector’, ‘Protector Plus’ and ‘Protector Grand’ plans. Each one of these has a number of policies that the client can add to their main policy based on their needs.

West Bend’s Home Insurance (HO-3) policy covers the following:

  • Damages to the home. All damages and replacement costs will be covered by West Bend. The company promises protection for all parts of the home against natural disasters or man-made accidents. Any damage to the home that was brought upon as a result of a natural disaster (storm, hurricane), fire, tree damage, or home invasion damage will be covered under the HO-3 policy. West Bend reimburses clients for the full extent of their damages.
  • Damages to the side structures. West Bend calls this a “Blanket Coverage” and it comes bundled with the HO-3 plan. All structures on the client’s property are insured – 2nd homes, de-attached garages, animal homes, sheds, play houses, and more. The main difference here is that these have lower coverage than the main house, and clients can optionally increase their coverage.

Optional Add-Ons – Protector Basic

West Bend’s main add-on, the Protector Basic package, can be purchased independently (clients choose which policy they want to add) or the following come bundled for free if the client opts for a “Home and Highway” bundle:

  • Inflation Guard. Once a plan is purchased by a client, their coverage is automatically adjusted in the future in case there is an increase in the price of labor or materials for repairs.
  • Jewelry Insurance. West Bend insures client’s jewelry such as necklaces, watches, earrings and more with a value of up to $5,000. Clients can increase this limit for high-value items such as art, antiques, gold and more.
  • Go Green. West Bend will cover rebuilding expenses if their home is damaged in order to install more eco-friendly materials or solar panels.
  • Pet Insurance. West Bend includes coverage for all medical expenses to the pets in the event of an accident. If the pet is harmed on your property, West Bend reimburses the client for all veterinarian expenses and if the animal doesn’t survive West Bend finances a new pet purchase.
  • Loss Damages. This is for community homers (HOA communities/condominium) – if the home is located in a community that has joint-owned space or a condominium complex, West Bend can provide up to $5,000 for damages to the common property.

Optional Add-Ons – Protector Plus

West Bend’s Protector Plus add-on can be purchased as a bundle (the following policies are not sold independently):

  • Sump pump damages. If the sump pump on your property reaches maximum capacity and starts overflowing (causing water damage to your basement/lower floors) West Bend will provide coverage for all repair costs in order to pump out the water and restore normal function.
  • Opel peril coverage. Open peril is for very unexpected accidents – usually man-made accidents. For instance, if a painter accidentally spills paint on your TV or the microwave falls on the ground and a client needs replacements, the open peril policy covers their replacement cost.
  • Mortgage increases protection. If a client loses their home to an accident and their new mortgage price comes at an increased premium, West Bend will pay the extra charge in the premium compared to the last one.
  • Identity theft. If a client’s identity is stolen and used for malicious purposes, West Bend will “reset” their identity by clearing out their credit history and reversing the damage that was caused.

Optional Add-Ons – Protector Grand

West Bend’s final optional package for home insurance provides coverage for luxuries that other packages leave out. The following policies are included:

  • Sports/hobby equipment. If sports equipment such as bicycles, tennis balls or soccer goalposts is damaged, West Bend pays up to $1,000 for each piece of equipment.
  • Deductible waiver while traveling. If the client’s home is damaged or vandalized while they’re traveling, their deductible is waived.
  • Food coverage. If the food in a client’s refrigerator spoiled due to a power cut or an accident in the fridge’s hardware, West Bend pays up to $500 in food spoilage damages.
  • Golf cart coverage. Any damage to the golf cart will be compensated by West Bend to the sum of $2,500.

Customer Reviews

West Bend is rated positively by customers who rave about its superior service and low rates. West Bend’s home insurance policy receives the highest ratings for multiple policy bundles and low rates. Customers say that West Bend offered them great rates, never increases premiums/drops customers at the random (as many insurance companies do) and pays out claims in a speedy manner. Customers reported having multiple claims with the company and always getting payouts on time.

West Bend has near all-around positive feedback, despite the fact it’s one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. 

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