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Westfield Home Insurance Review

Westfield Home Insurance Review

Westfield Home Insurance Review

Westfield Insurance Group is an Ohio-based insurance provider that provides personal and business/commercial insurance policies. Westfield is one of the largest insurance companies in Ohio and the Midwest – the company currently writes policies in 21 states they service. Westfield provides a number of financial and personal insurance policies for homeowners, automotive owners, farm owners, and commercial/business property owners.

Brief History

Westfield Insurance Group is a large insurance group that insures business owners and their specialty is farm insurance – since its inception the company has catered to farmers and specializes in farm insurance. The company insures surety bonds, agribusiness and has a long history of insuring farmers in the Midwest.

Westfield is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States, it was founded in 1848 in Westfield, Center OH, a village in Ohio to provide insurance for farmers in the state of Ohio. The company went under the name Farmers Mutual Insurance Company and then changed its name to Ohio Farmers Insurance Company – the latter is still owned by the company as a subsidiary. Westfield expanded significantly in the 20th century and the company changed its name to the current Westfield Insurance Group in 1971. Currently, Westfield has over 170 years in the insurance business.

Westfield is in the top 3 insurance companies in Ohio and one of the largest in the Midwest – it employs 2,400 full-time staff and the company generated $2B in revenues last year. The company’s premises host a number of properties that belong to the company – its own golf course on the Westfield Country Club, Westfield Center (the HQ), Blair Center Conference Center, Westfield Inn Hotel and Westfield Bank. The company does not sell their insurance policies directly, but they employ a network of licensed agents who sell their policies in the states they cover; they currently license over 1,000 independent agents. Westfield is located in Westfield Center, OH.

Westfield home insurance provides coverage for the following:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium unit owners
  • Renters/tenants
  • High-value homeowners

Financial Ratings

Westfield is a highly financially-stable company, Westfield is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a company responsible for rating insurance companies based on their financial stability and customer complaint ratio. The BBB currently awards Westfield an A+ or Excellent rating – the highest obtainable.

Westfield was also rated by major financial players such as A.M. Best – it currently awards Westfield an A or Excellent rating.

Home Insurance

Westfield offers a number of home insurance HO-3 plans that provide all-around coverage for the home, including optional bundle packages. Westfield’s most popular home insurance plan is their WesPak plan – a plan that combines auto insurance with home insurance for high coverage. Westfield’s basic HO-3 plan covers homeowners for all structural damages, personal belongings, personal liability, and medical payments.

Westfield’s HO-3 plan provides coverage for the following:

  • Structural damage. All structures on the client’s property are insured – this includes the main dwelling and all side structures. The main home is insured completely and this includes attached structures such as garages and decks (counted under the main coverage). The policy covers common perils such as natural disasters, floods, falling objects, riots, vandalism, home invasions and more. Side structures such as visitor’s homes, sheds, animal barns, detached garages, and other structures are also insured.
  • Personal belongings. All personal belongings in the house are insured. Personal belongings include furniture, clothes, electronics, kitchen appliances, silverware, gym equipment, and more. There are few exceptions for high-value items. Clients are insured for all their personal belongings even while they’re on vacation (in case of home invasions and theft).
  • Liability coverage: Clients are completely protected from legal prosecution in case a neighbor or a homeowners association takes legal action against them. For instance, if someone is injured on a client’s property by their mistake and the person sues – Westfield will cover their legal fees and settlement expenses.
  • Medical payments: If a client is injured on the property or if any of his immediate family members or guests are injured, they are entitled to a payout for all medical charges incurred. Westfield will cover their medical expenses (smaller coverage limits apply for guests).

Bundle Option 

Westfield promotes their WesPak plan as their most sought-after bundle which combines the policies of the standalone HO-3 plan along with auto insurance. The WesPak bundle can be paid with a single bill and a single deductible. The main difference in the bundle home insurance and standalone is that WesPak also includes replacement cost coverage and trip interruption policies. 

There are few upgrades to the WesPak bundle such as the WesPak Estate plan which is aimed at high-value homes that have many valuable items on the property. This is the company’s premium home insurance option.

Customer Reviews

Westfield receives neutral-positive reviews. Clients who had a positive experience with the company say they offer competitive rates and that they pay out on claims on time. Clients say their customer service is reliable and that they’re happy to adjust their policies according to the client’s needs.

Negative reviews for Westfield point out that the company is stingy and sends auditor teams who estimate the damages and try to undervalue the damage to a home. One reviewer said the company refused to pay out for her sister’s home that was burned down by her ex-husband and she was left without any payments – her home was apparently not covered as it wasn’t an accidental fire. Some clients say their claims support operatives lack compassion and that their customer service could use improvements.

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