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Wyoming Home Insurance

cheapest-homeowners-insurance1-300x200Homeowners insurance is a significant bill that can take away a significant amount of your annual budget. In this post, we will talk about the average premiums that homeowners in Wyoming have to pay and compare that to the national average. We will also discuss some useful tips for saving money by reducing home insurance quotes.

For 2014, Wyoming residents paid an average of $1021 for their insurance premium. This ranks Wyoming 25th in the nation. The national average premium for a homeowner is $1132. In other words, this state is right about average. The states with the most expensive insurance are those that suffer from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, and other threats to houses. Because Wyoming has a calmer climate and lacks tectonic activity, it has lower premiums than states like Florida or Texas.

top-homeowners-coverageHowever, that doesn’t mean that homeowners are content. There are two main ways to get cheaper Wyoming home insurance. The first is to alter your home. If you get a storm roof or windows, weatherize the home, and otherwise make it a tougher building, you may be eligible for an insurance discount, and these improvements often save on heating bills as well. Call your insurer to see if they can provide you with a list of discounts and improvements that are available to you. For example, you might be able to install an improvement, but the insurance company may only issue a discount if you use a certain installer to do it. You can also make the home safer by removing items that could lead to an accident, such as a trampoline or pool, or by fixing broken stairs, railings, or fences. Anything you do that lowers the chances of you making a claim could be worth a discount on your premium.

The other major way to save on insurance is to change your plan. Shop around and get quotes from different insurers for the same coverage. Compare prices and ask for price-matching. An insurance company is often willing to give you a discount rather than lose you as a customer. You can also save by bundling in many cases. This is the practice of getting home, auto, and life insurance from the same company. The more individual policy types you get, the bigger the discount on all of them. When comparing prices, then, it is important to not just examine the price for each policy, but to ask if they offer a bundle discount.

Wyoming homeowners insurance is hardly the most expensive in the country, but you can still potentially save hundreds of dollars by either improving your home or looking for a better deal. Requesting a list of possible discounts for improvements should help you see if any of them are worth doing. Just mentioning that you are thinking about switching to another company can often lead to an offer of a lower premium.