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Our team strives to become the leading and trusted source for home buyers and homeowners in learning about the details of insuring their homes. We write in-depth reviews of companies and coverage guides that are aimed to help homeowners in making smarter choices when it comes to choosing or changing their home insurance coverage.

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The HOIC team aims to provide you with in-depth information about home insurance. Specifically, we will be delving into coverage options, reviewing home insurance providers, and providing tips and tools that will help you gain an understanding of the inner workings and details of insuring your home. We will reference trusted organizations in the industry to keep in line with writing accurate and reliable information.

Committed to Online Learning

Our informational and review articles are meant to serve as a guide and educational tool, with the hope of helping you get the right coverage at the right price. By reading our well-researched articles, you will understand the different coverage options, and gain answers to commonly asked questions. Highlighting what’s included and excluded in the policies, you may learn what you may need for your own home’s coverage. Our published articles are not meant to be taken as official advice when choosing coverage or insurance company for your home. The process is highly individual and rates vary due to certain factors provided by the insurer, therefore we suggest going directly to the home insurance company or its agent to discuss your coverage options. 

Humble Beginnings

A group of enthusiastic young professionals came together six years ago in search of an avenue to provide value in the online world. We looked to our own lives for inspiration, having graduated from university just a few years ago, and entering the workforce. At the time, our common passion was learning about buying homes. For all of us, this would be our first serious commitment and one of the biggest purchases we’ll ever make. We started a blog about home insurance because we saw an opportunity, where there was a lack of information that’s simple and easy to understand.

Fast forward to now, 2023, we have evolved into a team of experienced researchers, writers, and editors in the field of home insurance. We look forward to more growth ahead by expanding our team to help provide you with the most up-to-date and current news, along with educational tools about everything home insurance.

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