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Allstate Home Insurance Review

With a wide base of clients and a number of insurance policies offered, it is no surprise that Allstate insurance company has become one of the top insurance providers. Apart from offering home insurance, Allstate also offers auto, life, renters, and business insurance among others. If you are shopping around for a reliable home insurance policy, be sure to check out this review to help you with your choice.

Coverage And Policies Offered By Allstate 

Allstate home insurance offers a comprehensive insurance policy, which protects the insured from the different risks faced by homeowners. One of the reasons why this insurance company has become a leader in their field is the customizable policies that they offer their clients.

They offer additional coverage options depending on the needs and the situation of the client. In order for the clients to understand the best policy to get, Allstate home insurance offers the use of tools that can help with the decision-making process of the potential policy owner.

Allstate offers common insurance policies that cover damages to the interior and the exterior of homes. Here are some of the home insurance policies offered by the Allstate insurance company:

  • Dwelling Coverage – Provides protection for the structure of the house, which includes walls, doors, roof, ceiling, and windows.
  • Personal Property Coverage – Provides protection for movable properties found inside the home.
  • Liability Protection – Provides relief against claims filed against homeowner caused by an injury on the property or damage caused by the property owner.
  • Personal Umbrella Policy – Provides protection against large liability claims.
  • Guest Medical Protection – Provides relief from medical costs against injuries of household guests that occur in the property.
  • HostAdvantage – Policy offered for homeowners that rent out their home via Airbnb or to similar platforms.
  • Identity Theft Restoration* – Pays for costs incurred due to identity theft.
  • Scheduled Personal Property* – Provides protection for valued items with a high appraisal value.
  • Green Improvement Reimbursement* – Covers price difference of damaged items for switching to eco-friendly items.
  • Electronic Data Recovery* – Pays for the cost incurred for the recovery of lost electronic data.

*Optional insurance coverage

Available Discounts

Most insurance companies may have multi-policy discounts or automated discounts, but Allstate Insurance several other types of discounts that homeowners can qualify for. Despite offering several discounts, Allstate’s financial strength is fairly strong. They are given an A+ rating for financial strength by A.M. Best, which ensures their reliability as an insurance provider.

Here are some of the discounts offered by Allstate:

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Easy Pay Discount
  • Claim Free Discount
  • Protective Device Discount
  • Early Signing Discount
  • Welcome and Loyalty Discount
  • Home Buyer Discount
  • 55 and Retired Discount
  • … and many more.


Digital Locker App

Allows consumers to keep photos of all their belongings to ensure ease of processing during the claims reimbursement process. The photos are stored in the cloud and the account owner can manage the photos through the app. Keeping an inventory of your items is extremely important when making a claim as it serves as the homeowner’s proof.

Unique Online Tools

Allstate’s wide range of unique tools is also commendable, designed to help in making the right choice regarding the right coverage to get. One particular tool that has proven to be helpful is the Common and Costly Claims tool. It indicates the common claims filed by people in the same region along with the corresponding amount.

The Goodhome Tool

The Goodhome tool, on the other hand, enlists the potential risks and common hazards found in each home and it also includes tips on how to prevent the damage. They employ the use of Google Street View to enhance the experience.

Escape Route Tool

Helps homeowners find the best way to escape the house in case of a calamity. It uses augmented reality to help plot an escape path in case of fire. However, this tool can only be accessed via an iPhone.

Several Discounts Offered

While the premium for Allstate home insurance isn’t exactly cheap, they are able to offer discounts to make the policy more affordable. Apart from the usual loyalty discounts, automated payment discount, protective device discounts, and multi-policy discounts, there are also other discounts that aren’t normally offered by other insurance companies. They also offer discounts for new homebuyers or for those getting home insurance for the first time. There are also welcome and loyalty discounts available, provided that the policy owner avails of the service a week before their previous policy expires.


Below Average Customer Satisfaction

Allstate earned a score of 821/1000 in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction study, which is below the industry average. However, it is important to note that clients in this market are really demanding due to the nature of the industry. The customer service of Allstate is reliable, but they are not at par with the customer service of their competition. On one hand, Allstate’s mobile app provides direct access to local agents who are more accessible compared to their customer service representatives.

Our Verdict

With Allstate’s comprehensive packages and reliable financial standing, it comes as to no surprise that they are one of the leading insurance providers in the country. The discounts and educational tools offered by Allstate makes it the ideal insurance provider for new homeowners. Their policies are simple but customizable and they make sure that their clients are able to understand how to make the most of their policies.

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