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Does Renters Insurance Cover Auto Theft?

If your vehicle is stolen, insurance companies have the responsibility to compensate you for the market value of your vehicle. If you have comprehensive insurance and renters insurance, you can reap the benefits of both coverages. Collision insurance will not protect you if your car is stolen because it only…

Does Renters Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Renters insurance protects your rental unit or home from damage and this includes personal property and liability insurance for unpredictable events such as vandalism. Renters insurance provides a high level of coverage, similar to homeowners insurance. HO-4 renters insurance policies have three levels of coverage: Personal property, liability insurance, and…

Does Renters Insurance Cover Jewelry?

If you’re renting an apartment or townhouse, renters insurance (HO-4) will cover your personal property. The main purpose of renters insurance is to cover the tenant’s personal belongings. Yes, this includes your jewelry. Other personal property includes clothes, furniture, appliances, and more. Each renters insurance policy includes a clause for…

Does Flood Insurance Cover Contents?

Flood insurance can be purchased as an endorsement on a homeowners insurance policy as it’s not automatically included. This includes coverage for structural damage and personal property caused by floods. FEMA spearheads the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that provides flood insurance coverage to all homeowners in the United States….

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