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Home Insurance Rates By City

Carlsbad CA Home Insurance Rates

Carlsbad homeowners have 48 California insurance agencies to choose from. Each offers premiums at a different rate – the highest being $1,958/year and with $308 as the most affordable. The typical home insurance cost in Carlsbad, CA is about $879/year. It’s $107 cheaper than the average home insurance cost in…

Costa Mesa CA Home Insurance Rates

Costa Mesa, CA is serviced by 48 California home insurance companies. Several factors affect their homeowners insurance premiums. Though it could go as high as $2,129/year with $371 being the cheapest home insurance premium available. The overall average cost of homeowners insurance in Costa Mesa, CA is around $994/year. It’s…

Fairfield CA Home Insurance Rates

The typical home insurance cost per year in Fairfield, CA is about $956. It’s less than the average cost of home insurance in California and the U.S. by $30 and $217, respectively. Despite these already-low rates, you can still buy homeowners insurance for cheaper in the city. It all boils…

Temecula CA Home Insurance Rates

Temecula home insurance could cost you up to $1,113 each year. It’s $127 more than the average California home insurance rates. Although compared to the national average, local rates are $60 less. But did you know that you can still buy home insurance for a lower price? We used our…

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