Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Review

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With stability and security under their belt, Liberty Mutual offers home to auto to pet insurance, making it easy for you to bundle different policies.

Whether you are buying a new home or have already paid off your mortgage, one of the first things that you need to consider is to find the right home insurance. It’s likely that your home, is your most valuable asset and you should create measures to protect your investment.

In this review, we will be investigating Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance. To help you choose the right insurance company for your home, we will take a look at  Liberty Mutual’s features, discounts, and real feedback from customers.

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Basic information about Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is the fourth largest casualty and property insurance group in the United States. Liberty Mutual is an American diversified global insurance company. They were listed as #68 on the Fortune 100 in 2017. With its publicly listed assets, liabilities, and revenues, you can be assured Liberty Mutual offers stability and security.  Liberty Mutual offers a variety of insurance policies from auto to pet insurance, making it easy for you to bundle different policies.

Liberty Mutual home insurance coverage

Liberty Mutual home insurance offers protection against damage to your home and your possessions. These include events such as firestormtheftfrozen pipes and a variety of other issues. Additionally, they provide liability coverage in cases of personal injuries that are sustained by other people within your property. This is fairly basic coverage for most home insurance which you can get from any home insurance policy.

Their standard policy includes the following:

  • Physical Structures – If other structures within your property such as a shed or a garage incurred damage or deemed as a total loss, Liberty Mutual will repair or replace the structure.
  • Liability – If a person is accidentally injured or their property is damaged while on your premises, Liberty Mutual will provide defense claims, as well as, payment within the policy limits. This is a good policy inclusion as there are plenty of circumstances when accidents happen – for example, a repairman getting injured in your premises can cause plenty of problems.
  • Additional Living Expenses – Liberty Mutual will cover additional expenses due to loss. This means if you need to live elsewhere while your property is being repaired. This is another useful inclusion as it will help you return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

Add-Ons to Liberty Mutual’s policies 

Liberty Mutual also offers optional add-ons to help further protect your property and assets, as well as, any future earnings that may be affected due to potential loss. 

  • Personal Property Coverage – From simple to valuable items, personal property coverage will provide protection for damaged or lost items. The coverage will provide a replacement that is the exact match or at least similar to the lost or damaged item.
  • Inflation Protection – Liberty Mutual automatically adjusts your coverage limits once you renew your policy to keep up with inflation. Additionally, you will also receive a discount on the premium of your policy. This feature is honestly one of the best features that Liberty Mutual Insurance provides because it protects you from the uncertainty of inflation. This means if your home was damaged in any way, you will not have to worry about the increased cost of labor or building materials which may exceed your coverage at certain times.

Home insurance discounts for Liberty Mutual

Just like most insurance companies, Liberty Mutual offers plenty of discounts for homeowners to make policies even more affordable. Some discounts that they offer are:

  • Multi-Policy Discounts (Bundle Policies)
  • Claims-Free Discount
  • Newly Purchased Home Discount
  • Safe Homeowner Discount Program
  • Protective Devices Discount
  • Early Shopper Discount
  • Insured to Value Discount
  • Renovated Home Discount
  • Military Discount
  • Preferred Payment Discount
  • New Roof Discount
  • Paperless Discount

Company ratings

According to trusted insurance rating corporations like J.D. Power, Liberty Mutual has received an average to a low rating from consumers. This is according to their claims satisfaction, policy cost and offerings, customer service, and shopping satisfaction. Moreover, AM Best Rating has provided an A or Excellent score for Liberty Mutual in terms of financial strength – a good indicator if you are looking for a stable company that can pay off claims.

Additionally, we read Liberty Mutual reviews on Clearsurance. Actual customers share how Liberty Mutual provides the necessary customer care which is a crucial service that every insurance company should offer. Over 52% of customer reviews say they received excellent customer care with only about 4.8% rating to have received poor assistance.

“Nice and friendly agents. Easy to work with and figure out what I need. Always helpful in any questions I have.” – brendygrl14

“Good, professional and courteous customer service.” – vika768

“The policy is very expensive and the customer service is terrible.” – Passwd4me2

One of the best things that we will notice about these actual customer reviews is that Liberty Mutual always acknowledges the reviews they received, whether excellent or poor. This helps if you want a company that is responsive and will hear out what you have to say. The company also received less than the average number of complaints to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2018.

Liberty features you will enjoy

To keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle, Liberty Mutual offers a variety of tools that can use on the go. Their website is useful, which allows you to easily access your account including checking your billing details and tracking a claim or report. They also have a mobile app which gives you the same features as their website like tracking payments, viewing policy information, and more.

Overall, Liberty Mutual has received an average rating from consumers. Despite a number of customers claiming that policies are more expensive than other companies, they have standout features like Inflation Protection.

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