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Homesite Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Homesite is an insurance company owned by American Family Insurance. They offer comprehensive homeowners insurance policies with ability add numerous additiona coverages to customers in all 50 states. Homesite has pretty solid financial stablity ratings.

American Strategic Insurance (ASI) Home Insurance Review (2023)

American Strategic Insurance has been offering homeowners insurance for over 25 years. Through its partnership with Progressive, ASI has expanded to 40 states. While ASI earned several solid financial ratings, they have also received many complaints from their customers across various online platforms. People are not happy with the claims process and payouts.

Review of Costco CONNECT Home Insurance by AmFam (2023)

Costco CONNECT offers homeowners insurance to Costco members. It is now powered by American Family Insurance, which acquired Ameriprise, the previous provider of Costco insurance. Costco CONNECT has earned solid financial ratings, but many customers have expressed complaints about their claims process, customer service, and premiums that are more expensive than average.

Lemonade Home Insurance Review (2023)

Lemonade is one of the newer insurance companies. It offers homeowners and renters insurance in 22 states. Lemonade prides itself for using AI for customer service and claims processing.

Hippo Home Insurance Review (2023): Pros, Cons & Premiums

Founded in 2015, Hippo is one of the newer players in homeowners insurance. They offer a wide range of coverage options in 39 states. Many report saving money with Hippo's affordable premiums.

Safeco Home Insurance Review (2023)

Safeco is a large homeowners insurance company. It is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual and offers homeowners policies in 47 states. They offer a lot of additional coverages and multiple discount options.

Travelers Home Insurance Review (2023)

Founded in 1864, Travelers is an established insurance company providing homeowners policies among many other products in 45 US states. Travelers is known for affordable premiums and has received many positive reviews from its customers.

Zurich Home Insurance Review (2023)

Zurich is a large insurance company from Switzerland that offers homeowners insurance in all 50 states. They have been around for 150 years and have earned excellent financial ratings. However, there are many complaints online from their customers regarding claims and overall customer experience.

AIG Home Insurance Review (2023)

AIG is a large insurance company providing homeowners insurance among other financial services. AIG's homeowners policies are designed to protect high-value homes as their minimum dwelling coverage is set at $750,000.

American Family (AmFam) Home Insurance Review (2023)

American Family offers homeowners insurance in 19 states. AmFam has grown to become 7th biggest property and casualty insurer in the country. With many other insurance companies under its umbrella, AmFam also provides policies for Costco customers.

National General Home Insurance Review (2023)

National General is a large insurance company offering homeowners insurance and other policies in all 50 states. They have been recently acquired by Allstate. Customer reviews indicate that their premiums are affordable, while the NAIC complaint index is low.

Country Financial Home Insurance Review (2023)

Country Financial is large insurance company offering homeowners insurance in 19 states. Country Financial is a great option with a strong foundation and great customer service that customers will enjoy

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