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Bamboo Home Insurance Review (2023)

Bamboo offers homeowners insurance in Arizona and California. Launched in 2018, Bamboo works with various insurance carriers to bring policies that are affordable according to the its customers.

Badger Mutual Home Insurance Review (2023)

In the aftermath of the catastrophic Chicago Fire in 1871, some insurance companies refused to insure churches with tall steeples. Several others charged disproportionate premiums because such structures were highly susceptible to lightning strikes. Consequently, numerous congregations faced considerable risk.  This is how Badger Mutual started as an insurance business in 1887. Badger Mutual Insurance ... Read more

SURE Home Insurance Review (2023)

SURE is a newer insurance provider offering homeowners insurance policies in 7 southern coastal states. Founded in 2021, SURE is partnered with SageSure to offer insurance.

Amica Mutual Home Insurance Review (2023)

Amica is a well-established insurance company offering homeowners insurance in 48 states. This insurance company has scored a #1 spots in J.D. Power's customer satisfaction and claims satisfaction surveys.

Castle Key Home Insurance Review (2023)

Castle Key is a Florida-only insurer owned by Allstate. This company offers homeowners, renters, landlord, condo and mobile home insurance policies. There are many complaints that we found posted online from Castle Key's customers.

Ocean Harbor Home Insurance Review (2023)

Ocean Harbor is an insurance company specializing in coastal homeowners insurance policies available in 5 states. They offer a few additional coverages and discounts. We found quite a few complaints from their customers online.

Branch Home Insurance Review (2023)

Branch Insurance is a new insurance company launched in 2020. It offers homeowners insurance in 37 states and has received mostly positive reviews from its customers.

Cypress Home Insurance Review (2023)

Cypress Insurance is a regional insurer offering homeowners policies in FL and TX. We found quite a few complaints from the policyholders insured with Cypress. Read full review to learn more.

Germania Home Insurance Review (2023)

Germania has been offering homeowners insurance in TX for over 125 years. This insurer has earned mostly positive reviews from its customers and is financially stable.

Western Mutual Home Insurance Review (2023)

Western Mutual is a midsize insurance company offering homeowners policies in 7 Southwestern states. Western Mutual has received positive reviews about the way they handle their claims and customers have reported affordable competitive premium rates.

Midvale Home Insurance Review (2023)

Midvale Home & Auto Insurance is a smaller insurance company owned by American Family Insurance Group. They offer homeowners insurance with many options to customize your coverage and various discounts to lower your premium.

Allied Trust Home Insurance Review (2023)

Allied Trust is a newer insurance company that offers homeowners policies in TX and LA. They also offer dwelling fire landlord insurance, condo insurance policies and a wide selection of additional coverages and endorsements.

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