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Top 8 Things Agents Check During A Home Inspection

Has your insurance provider suddenly announced an inspection? The inspection helps insurance companies reaffirm that your policy is adequate and if they discover nothing unusual, the policy will remain active. However, the policy might be canceled or your coverage lowered if the inspector deems that your home replacement cost is too high. The reverse can … Read more

Top 4 Reasons To Purchase Renters Insurance

You finally found an apartment with affordable rent and you’re saving a few hundred – what if your landlord slaps you with renters insurance? This is a hidden cost many landlords don’t advertise but make mandatory when you move in. Fortunately, renters insurance is not as expensive as homeowners insurance and you’ll be paying a … Read more

How To File A Claim Against Someone Else’s Homeowners Insurance

All standard home insurance plans offer protection to the policyholder for property loss and claims brought against them in the instance that any kind of accident occurs involving guests on their premises. If you find that you’ve been hurt or have experienced damage to your personal property while visiting with someone, it is up to … Read more