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How To File A Claim Against Someone Else’s Homeowners Insurance

All standard home insurance plans offer protection to the policyholder for property loss and claims brought against them in the instance that any kind of accident occurs involving guests on their premises. If you find that you’ve been hurt or have experienced damage to your personal property while visiting with someone, it is up to … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Home Insurance and Home Warranties?

The difference between a home warranty and your homeowners insurance is that the home warranty will protect the things that allow your home to function properly when they begin to wear down while the homeowner’s insurance will protect the home and your personal belongings from sudden, accidental loss and not due to normal wear and … Read more

What Is Dwelling Extension In Homeowners Insurance?

Coverage A of your standard homeowner’s insurance policy which is known as the dwelling coverage is going to protect the main dwelling of your property against physical damage caused to the residence including any interior fireplaces, flooring, bathrooms, or structures that may be attached to it on top of the same foundation, e.g. decking, garages, … Read more

What Is The Master Insurance Policy For Homeowner’s Association?

When you purchase a condo, you are buying into a unique set of circumstances as far as the property and the insurance needs. A homeowner’s association or perhaps a condominium board will generally control the grounds and the property. You bought the four walls that surround the home and you pay the association fees that … Read more

What Does Term “Other Structures” Mean For Homeowners Insurance?

Standard home insurance policies devote 10% of the coverage for the main dwelling coverage towards other structures on the property which would include detached garages or fences and a multitude of other items. Your plan will outline the protection that these structures obtain as Coverage B, while the main dwelling has its protection provided under … Read more