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Smart Home Insurance Discount

Smart home homeowners insurance discount is a type of discount that some homeowners insurance companies offer to customers who install smart home devices in their homes.

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As technology continues to advance, you may have heard the term “smart home” pop up more and more. Having a smart home is not only a convenient lifestyle choice but can also be a great way to save money on your homeowners insurance. There are many insurance carriers on the market that offer these discounts to customers who have certain smart home devices installed, and learning more about the discount can continuously save you money when you are shopping for homeowners insurance. Smart home devices are devices that can connect to the internet and provide various functions, such as security, safety, energy efficiency, or convenience.

What is a smart home insurance discount?

There are many different discounts available to homeowners who are looking for homeowners insurance. Carriers make this an option for those looking to save some extra money on premiums. When a smart home discount is offered, this is usually a discount given to people who have smart alarm systems, water leak sensors, security cameras, smoke detectors, smart thermostats, smart locks, and motion sensors. What makes them smart is that they are controlled by a hub that you can interact with from any of your mobile devices. This allows you to set your alarm from wherever you are and can even automatically send first responders at the sound of glass breaking.

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Smart home devices come in a range of different options, so asking your current insurance carrier if they offer a discount based on the devices you have is always worthwhile. Most carriers already offer discounts for having fire and burglar alarms, but the smart home discount can potentially save you even more money. Whether you have security cameras installed or cloud-based alarm sensors in your home, you might qualify for this discount when it is offered.

How to qualify for a smart home discount

All you need to do to qualify for a smart home discount is have a smart device installed in your home. You will want to check with your carrier or the carrier you are considering to see which devices they will consider for the discount. Upgrading to these systems provides you with many benefits, and being able to save money on your insurance in the process is an extra reason why several people have been switching over to these systems. If you already have insurance in place and you want to see if a discount is offered, you can follow these simple steps.

  • Contact the carrier and ask about any smart home discounts being offered
  • Tell them about the systems you have installed
  • Receive a discount on your premium

Some smart home devices can also qualify you for other discounts on your homeowners insurance, such as fire or burglar alarm discounts. Check with your insurer and see if you can combine multiple discounts for having smart home devices that protect your home from different perils.

Benefits of having a smart home

There are many great reasons to upgrade to a smart home, and you will gain much more than an insurance discount when you use these systems.

  • Convenient monitoring of your home
  • Optimal accessibility from any device and anywhere
  • The ability to store footage on a wireless device
  • Automated routines that can be set to your preferences
  • Streamlined protection for your home from a single device
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Frequently asked questions

Why do insurance companies offer smart home homeowners insurance discounts?

Insurance companies offer smart home homeowners insurance discounts because smart home devices can help prevent or reduce damage or loss to your home and its contents from covered perils, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or weather events. By installing smart home devices, you can lower the risk of filing a claim and save money for yourself and your insurer.

How much is the smart home homeowners insurance discount?

The amount of the smart home homeowners insurance discount varies depending on the insurance company, the type and number of smart home devices you have, and the location and condition of your home. Generally, the smart home homeowners insurance discount ranges from 5% to 20% off your premium. However, some insurers may offer higher discounts for certain devices or combinations of devices that have a greater impact on reducing claims.

How do I get the smart home homeowners insurance discount?

To get the smart home homeowners insurance discount, you need to contact your insurer and provide proof of installation of the eligible smart home devices in your home. You may need to provide receipts, photos, serial numbers, or certificates of the devices. You may also need to agree to share some data from your devices with your insurer to verify their functionality and usage.

What are some benefits of having smart home devices besides the discount?

Having smart home devices can provide you with many benefits besides the discount on your homeowners insurance premium. Some of these benefits are: increased security and safety for your home and family; improved comfort and convenience for your daily living; enhanced energy efficiency and environmental friendliness for your home; increased value and attractiveness for your home in the market.


If you are ready to convert to a smart home or if your home already includes these features, it is definitely recommended you ask your insurance carrier about any smart home discounts that are offered. As the technology becomes more popular, several carriers have been adding this discount to their rosters.

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