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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Burglary?

A standard homeowners insurance policy may provide coverage against break-ins or burglary. In fact, there are at least two parts of your homeowners insurance policy which can apply to this kind of peril, these two are personal property coverage and dwelling coverage.  Personal Property Coverage – Your personal property coverage…

Kemper Home Insurance Review

Kemper is a large and well-established insurance company in Chicago and its home insurance business is just one part of its operations. When it was founded in 1912 by James S. Kemper, it was called Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Corporation, selling accident insurance only to Chicago locals. It soon became one…

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Drones?

As drones begin to gain popularity in households, one big question begins to arise: Are they protected under my homeowners insurance policy? To answer this we must consider a couple of aspects when it comes to insurance which are liability coverage and deductibles. The basic answer is yes, they are…

Home Insurance Rates By City

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