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Velocity Risk Home Insurance Review (2023)

Velocity Risk homeowners insurance is available for owners of high-value homes in TX and FL. They seem to offer affordable coverage for homes valued at $750,000. Keep reading to learn more!

Heritage Home Insurance Review (2023)

Heritage Insurance is a newer insurance company offering homeowners insurance in the Southeastern US. It offers 3 tiered home insurance plans, so customers can get a lot of additional coverages as part of their Pillar and Pillar Plus policies.

Unitrin Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Unitrin Insurance offers homeowners insurance through its parent company Kemper. They offer comprehensive homeowners policies with options to extend your coverage. Unitrin is financially stable and has received mostly positive feedback from its customers.

American Reliable Home Insurance Review (2023)

American Reliable offer homeowners insurance in 28 states. They specialize on insuring unique homes that may not qualify for coverage from some other insurers. American Reliable is able to insure older homes, mobile and manufactured homes, as well as seasonal and vacation homes.

Acceptance Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Acceptance Insurance is a regional insurance company providing homeowners insurance among other products in 15 states. Acceptance has received positive financial scores from ratings companies.

American Risk Home Insurance Review (2023)

American Risk is a small insurance company offering standard homeowners insurance, as well as policies for landlords, renters, and condo owners. Their policies are only available in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

American Traditions Home Insurance Review (2023)

American Traditions is a Florida-only insurance provider that offers various types of homeowners insurance. Founded in 2006, ATIC has become the largest insurer of manufactured homes in Florida. Read the whole review to learn about their premiums and customer complaints.

Universal Property and Casualty Home Insurance Review (2023)

Universal Property is the most popular home insurance provider in Florida. They also offer insurance in 18 other states. Universal Property offers its clients several different types of homeowners policies with many additional coverages available to customize your plan.

Concord Group Home Insurance Review (2023)

Concord Group is a medium-sized insurance company offering homeowners policies in 4 states. Concord Group has received a lot of praise from its customers for affordable rates, great claims handling and good customer service.

RLI Home Insurance Review (2023)

RLI is an insurance company that offers homeowners, condo, renters, vacation home, landlord, and home business insurance policies in Hawaii. While their financial ratings are stable, most of the online reviews from their customers are complaining about customer service and claims handling.

Berkshire Hathaway Guard Home Insurance Review (2023)

Founded in 1983, Berkshire Hathaway GUARD is an insurance company that offers home insurance policies in 23 states. They offer multiple ways to customize your coverage and a few discounts.

Stillwater Home Insurance Review (2023)

Founded in 2000, Stillwater offers homeowners insurance in all 50 states. What makes them stand out is a wide selection of additional coverages and many discounts available. While this insurer can often provide an affordable premium, they have also accumulated quite a few claims-related complaints.

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