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Maine Home Insurance

cheapest-homeowners-insurance1-300x200Are you a homeowner in Maine and perhaps wondering how much home insurance in Maine typically costs? Or maybe you are looking to perhaps save a bit on your home insurance? If these categories fit you, you are in the right place. Below is some information that might answer some of your questions.

Average Premium for Maine Homeowners Insurance

The average premium for Maine homeowners insurance in 2014 was $811, according to the Insurance Information Institute (click here for their page as well as for more interesting statistics). The premiums for Maine home insurance are quite low, compared to the rest of the country. The average home insurance premium for the Unites States was $1,132, which is quite a bit more than Maine. Maine also ranked in the top ten states to have the lowest home insurance premiums.

Saving Tips when shopping for Home Insurance in Maine

compare-homeowners-insuranceWith all this information, it is fairly clear that Maine is a pretty good state to be in for homeowners insurance. But what if the average of $811 for a premium is still too much for your liking? Are there any ways that you could lower your homeowners insurance costs? The good news is that yes, there are ways to do just that. Below are some ideas on how to lower your costs on homeowners insurance.

1. Compare Companies

This might involve a bit more work and time, but it can be well worth it. By checking a variety of companies and shopping around, you can save a significant amount of money. Saving money is important, but getting quality service is important as well. By shopping around, you can get a good feel of different insurance companies and the services they are willing to offer, as well as getting a good price estimate for your house. Make sure to get a reputable company that will really do their best to help you should the need ever arise. For more on this topic and other ideas on how to save money on insurance, check out this article.

2. Fortify Your House

If your house is at risk for getting damaged, your insurance prices will go up. This is simply the way that insurance companies work, as they have more risk to assume if your house is prone to damage. You can help lower your costs by making your house more damage resistant. This can include getting storm-resistant features on your home, as well as making it more resistant to natural disasters. There are other procedures you can do to make your house less of an insurance risk, such as replacing old wiring or heating systems.

These are two simple ways that you can lower your homeowners insurance costs. There are many more ideas on how to do this, however, so make sure to do your research. That being said, if you are a homeowner in Maine, or are looking to buy a house in Maine, you are in the right place, as Maine has had some of the lowest insurance premiums in the country.