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Watercraft Endorsement for Homeowners Insurance

Watercraft endorsement is an add-on coverage for homeowners insurance to cover your boat. While it provides less coverage than boat insurance, it provides more protection than standard homeowners insurance.

Ordinance or Law Coverage

Ordinance or law coverage is an add-on insurance coverage for homeowners insurance. It covers the cost of re-building the home to local building code requirements after it has been damaged or destroyed by a covered event.

Personal Property Coverage with Replacement Cost Value

When selecting a homeowners policy, you will be faced with many decisions. A lot of math, state minimums, and endorsements will be reviewed and added to the policy to ensure it is comprehensive and matches your needs and the requirements of a mortgage company. When it comes to personal property coverage C, you will be ... Read more

Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Details, Cost & Claim Examples

When you have an existing homeowners insurance policy, there are endorsements that can be added to provide additional coverage. If you have equipment breakdown coverage on your policy, this will protect your appliances that are affected by electrical or mechanical issues. If you have a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, stove, and other similar appliances, it ... Read more
Homeowners insurance endorsements

Home Insurance Endorsements

An endorsement, also known as riders or options, is an additional product which will allow you to raise whatever limitations your homeowners insurance may have. Using an endorsement is one of the best ways to enable you to stretch the limits of your home insurance coverage. As a homeowner, while you may have insurance coverage ... Read more
Earthquake insurance explained

Earthquake Insurance

You just bought a house and a standard homeowner’s insurance to go along with it. However, an earthquake strikes and your new home is now in need of repair. You called your insurance company only to find out that your basic homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the damage. Wait, what? I am sure a lot of ... Read more
Earth movement homeowners insurance coverage

Earth Movement Insurance Coverage

If you are building a new home or moving into an area that is close to a fault line, has regular landslides, or other similar types of events, it is important to consider adding earth movement insurance to your policy. But what exactly is earth movement insurance coverage? Homeowners can opt to purchase earth movement ... Read more
Inflation guard homeowners insurance coverage

Inflation Guard Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Inflation does both good and bad to the value of your home. While inflation drives the value of your property higher, it also makes the cost of rebuilding it ultimately bigger. It’s a good picture for a homeowner who’s after the bigger resale value, but a dim scenario for the one who intend to keep ... Read more