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Watercraft Endorsement for Homeowners Insurance

Watercraft endorsement is an add-on coverage for homeowners insurance to cover your boat. While it provides less coverage than boat insurance, it provides more protection than standard homeowners insurance.

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Living on a lake or other body of water is a dream for many homeowners. It offers serenity, peace, and recreation. If you have bought your dream boat and plan to dock it and launch it in your lake, then you need to consider purchasing a watercraft endorsement for your homeowners insurance policy.

A watercraft endorsement allows a policyholder to get coverage for watercraft that is otherwise unable to be covered under a homeowners policy. Homeowners insurance does not typically cover watercraft from all types of damage, so the watercraft endorsement helps to ensure your boat while it’s docked, during boating, if it sink, and any fees incurred by a boating accident.

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There are several things that can go wrong when it comes to watercraft endorsements, including selecting an endorsement and not realizing exactly what it will cover. You can read on to find out what these endorsements are and how they work by reading on.

Key facts
  • Watercraft endorsements are available to cover the gap in coverage left by your homeowners insurance policy, which typically has low limits to cover your watercraft.
  • Watercraft endorsements cover damages incurred when boating and while the boat is docked, medical fees, and liability claims.
  • Watercraft endorsements can be purchased on top of regular boat insurance.

What a watercraft endorsement covers

There are many times when watercraft endorsements are purchased as part of a homeowners insurance policy to cover damage that occurs to a watercraft that would not otherwise be covered under the policy. Watercraft endorsement covers any damages incurred during boating, boat replacement if it sinks, damages to the boat when it is docked, medical fees due to a boating accident, and liability claims. 

This means that if someone gets hurt when trying to launch the boat into the lake on your property, they are most likely still on it at that point, and this insurance will cover their medical bills as well as any possible legal fees that may result from their injury.

Navigation period

You will need to provide your insurance company with specific measurements and specs regarding your watercraft in order to receive this endorsement, as well as the expected duration of navigation by your watercraft.

The navigation period is the time when the boat is docked on the lake or other body of water and is ready for use. Most places have a navigation period from May to September, during which the boat is docked. It is required to store the boat at a marina or in another location so that it is not easily accessible during the navigation period and does not pose a risk or hazard to others.

Each watercraft has specific rules

There are different parameters that have to be met to qualify a watercraft for coverage under this endorsement. Rates will vary based on the type of boat and its specifications. It is important to keep this in mind when looking at this type of endorsement. 

A boat that has more than 25 horsepower and a sailing boat that is 26 feet in length or longer may be scheduled, but a boat that does not possess these specifications may need to look elsewhere or consider an alternative.

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Seeking alternatives

If you do not have an insurance company that will offer a watercraft endorsement, or your watercraft does not meet their minimum requirements for such an endorsement, you also have the option to purchase separate boat insurance. 

Boat insurance can be bought on its own and will often include liability, medical, and other coverage. It is a comprehensive coverage designed for watercraft and considers the navigation period and the risks of owning watercraft.

Before seeking the alternative, it is beneficial to compare a boat insurance policy to a watercraft endorsement to determine which option is better or, if both choices combined provide the best coverage.

Cover your stern

When using watercraft at your lakehouse or anywhere else, it is important to be insured in some way. This will provide you with protection in case a claim is made due to injury, property damage, or other covered perils. Cover your stern and your pocket by investing in a watercraft endorsement.

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