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Home Insurance Endorsements

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An endorsement, also known as riders or options, is an additional product which will allow you to raise whatever limitations your homeowners insurance may have. Using an endorsement is one of the best ways to enable you to stretch the limits of your home insurance coverage.

As a homeowner, while you may have insurance coverage for your home, some limitations may not fully provide you with protection in case of an emergency. These endorsements will fill in the gap to ensure that your property is sufficiently protected no matter what calamity may happen.

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Defining an Endorsement

An endorsement is an add-on product that you can mix and match with whatever home insurance policy you already have. It will allow you to improve certain limitations of your insurance policy. With this product, you buy the add-ons and your insurance company will reimburse you according to the raised limits. To be able to effectively use your insurance coverage, it is important that understand every part of it. Any part with limitations can be improved using an endorsement.

Types of Homeowners Insurance Endorsements

One crucial thing that you need to remember, not all insurance policies are designed to be the same. Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to find different types of endorsements that will fit your needs.

  • Sewer Backup –  This is a common endorsement also known as drain backup. A back-up drain or sewer can cause significant damage such as flooding in your house. Unfortunately, this is not normally covered in most insurance policies. Homes that have a basement sump pump should consider this kind of endorsement added to their policy.
  • Jewelry, Fur, and Valuable Items – If you own valuables then it is crucial that you consider adding this important endorsement. It will provide protection if your expensive items if they are stolen, lost, or damaged due to a covered peril.
  • Identity Theft – Becoming a victim of identity theft can cause havoc to your finances. If you regularly shop online or use your money online, this coverage is your best protection.
  • Inflation Guard Endorsement – This kind of endorsement will protect your coverage in case of inflation.
  • Home Business Endorsement – A lot of people operate their business from their home. Typically, a standard home insurance policy has a limit of $2500 for businesses operating in homes. With this endorsement, you will be able to increase this limit which helps if you have a huge operation ongoing.
  • Earthquake Endorsement – This endorsement protects your property not only against earthquakes but also similar calamities like landslides, volcanic eruptions, and other kinds of earth movement. If you live in an area where this is calamity can likely happen, make sure to get this endorsement.
  • Watercraft Endorsement – If you own a boat or similar watercraft, this endorsement will protect your property whether they are within your home or if it is in the water.
  • Assisted Living Care Coverage – This kind of endorsement is being offered by very few insurance companies but it does help you a lot in case you or a relative who needs to stay in an assisted living facility.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – this endorsement covers the repair of all kinds of appliances you have in your house including your HVAC, dishwasher, water heater, stove, dryer, hot tub, and more.
Endorsements help keep your homeowners insurance to have a more comprehensive coverage to protect your from all kinds of risks.

Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies

Most homeowners think that they are sufficiently covered in case of fire, storm damage, or other common perils. In reality, there are different types of homeowners insurance and each will provide you with a specific type of coverage.

Depending on your coverage, your insurance company will pay for loss of use, repairs, medical payments, or liability claims. It will also depend on your insurance policy whether you can get an actual cash value or replacement cost value. Here are some of the most common types of home insurance policies in the market today:

  • HO-1 – This is the most basic homeowner’s insurance policy and will only cover the perils that are specifically listed in the policy.
  • HO-2 – This type of coverage is also known as broad form insurance and provides broader protection compare to HO-1. In addition to the 11 perils that are typically included in HO-1, it adds 5 more perils allowing coverage against falling objects, damage due to snow and ice, and more.
  • HO-3 – This is the most comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. It provides plenty of protection including the structure of your home, but not the contents inside. It also provides protection against most type of perils unless it is specifically excluded in the policy. It is the most common type of home insurance policy and is what is mostly available in the market today.
  • HO-4 – This kind of insurance is also known as renters Insurance. Based on its name, it is used for those who are renting but also wants to get protection for their personal property.
  • HO-6 – This kind of insurance provides protection for condominium owners and any covered perils that could happen in your condo. It also protects your personal property inside.
  • HO-8 – This homeowner’s insurance policy provides protection for older homes. It is meant for homes that are considered too old for a regular insurance policy.

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