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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sump Pump Failure?

Some homeowners are stunned when they find out that flooding damage that takes place in their basement is not reimbursable by their policy. Standard home insurance plans generally don’t cover against flooding. It would typically be something that you need to buy an add-on for. This is why it’s critical to cover every scenario with … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Stucco Damage?

Homeowners insurance covers damages to your dwelling as a result of a number of perils named in your homeowners policy including things such as fire, hail, windstorm, vandals, aircraft/vehicle damage, smoke damage, and theft but water damage is not on the list. Generally, when you develop a stucco problem, it is likely water-related to being … Read more

Is Home Siding Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

It’s important to take care of and maintain your home’s siding, but sometimes there are storms that you just can’t prepare for. That’s where homeowners insurance comes in. Homeowners insurance can cover a variety of different damages. Does it, however, cover siding? Siding is a crucial material in maintaining the looks, structure, and safety of … Read more

Are Sheds And Outbuildings Covered On My Homeowners Insurance?

The standard homeowners insurance policy covers “unattached adjacent structures” at a percentage of the dwelling limit. Unattached adjacent structures is defined as sheds, outbuildings, inground pools, detached garages.  Sheds and outbuildings are covered for the same causes of loss, or perils, your home is. Exclusions of a standard homeowners insurance policy The homeowners policy is … Read more