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Acceptance Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Acceptance Insurance is a regional insurance company providing homeowners insurance among other products in 15 states. Acceptance has received positive financial scores from ratings companies.

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Premiums 4
Claims 2
Customer Satisfaction 4
Financial Standing 4
  • Good customer service experiences.
  • Many different insurance products.
  • Online quoting available.
  • Only available in 15 states.
  • Not the best at handling claims.
  • No known discounts provided.

Acceptance is an insurance carrier that is based out of Tennessee that was founded in 1969. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, the company operates on the principle that everybody deserves respect. They offer many different insurance products from personal to commercial lines. You can get coverage for your owner-occupied home or your apartment in 15 different states. They are mainly known for providing insurance in the Southeastern states, but the coverage also extends to California and the Gulf Coast.

When you visit their website, it is clear to see that Acceptance aims to educate its customers. There is plenty of information available regarding the different types of homeowners insurance they offer and what each of these policy forms will cover. They also have a blog on their website that is full of informational articles and tips.

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Acceptance states that customers deserve the best value when shopping for insurance, and this is what they strive for. Through the policies they offer, the company hopes to give customers as many benefits as possible for the price they are paying. They are a self-proclaimed devoted insurance carrier that wants to make sure everybody has the right policy for each individual situation.

Acceptance homeowners insurance coverages

On the Acceptance website, they offer three tips to determine the type of coverage you should purchase. 

  • What you need to insure: They begin by stating you should assess your situation and determine the appropriate type of policy for your home. This can be done by looking at their comprehensive explanation of all the different types of homeowners policies that are offered.
  • How much you need to insure: This tip involves how much your home is worth and the value of your personal belongings. If you are unsure about how to calculate this, you can talk with a local agent as you work together on a quote.
  • How much coverage you want: Acceptance says this is the most important part of purchasing a policy. They suggest that those living in high-risk areas should obtain more coverage and make it known that they can insure those who live in areas that are prone to natural disasters. This is another area that you can discuss with an agent as you are working on a quote.

If you do not want to contact an agent or want to explore a quote on your own first, Acceptance does offer an online quoting system. You can easily input your information and select your coverages to receive a customized rate.

Additional coverages

Acceptance doesn’t list endorsements and additional coverages that you can add to your home insurance. Most likely they offer some of them, but there is no information to confirm this.

Acceptance does offer many other types of insurance aside from homeowners insurance. You can get these policies through Acceptance:

  • Life insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Commercial insurance

The company makes it easy to get nearly any type of policy you need, giving you the chance to only use one carrier for each of these policies. This can help you to streamline your insurance needs.

Acceptance home insurance discounts

It is uncertain which discounts are offered by Acceptance, but they have a blog post on their website that provides tips on how to save money on insurance premiums. They talk about how bundling your home and auto, remaining loyal to the carrier, and going paperless with your statements are all ways you can save money. To verify if these discounts are actually offered by Acceptance, it is best to talk with a local agent.

Acceptance homeowners insurance premiums

It is unknown how much insurance with Acceptance costs. Some customers have left reviews stating the company has competitive rates and capable agents who are willing to work with you to find you the best deals. It is best to get a customized quote to see how much a homeowners insurance policy will cost you with your specific details in mind.

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Claims experience

The reviews concerning the way that Acceptance handles claims are mainly negative. Many people have stated that the department is very slow when it comes to communication. These delays have often caused inconveniences and can get frustrating over time. It can be difficult to get a hold of someone to give you information about your claim.

Some people also complain about having to jump through hoops when filing claims. They were made to gather all of the information on their own with little help or guidance from Acceptance. This left them feeling at a disadvantage because they were already going through difficult times.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, people have a lot of great things to say. Those who have been in contact with Acceptance for regular customer service inquiries are mainly very happy with the company. They state that the team is helpful and is able to take care of any requests in a timely manner.

It appears that most people find Acceptance to be very professional when handling these requests and recommend the carrier for homeowners insurance. It is also noted that several people think of the company as very efficient. While there are some negative reviews, the majority of them are positive regarding customer service.

As of May 2023, Acceptance insurance has earned 4.6 stars from 58 Google reviews. Facebook rating comes lower at 3.1 stars from 311 reviews.

Financial strength


Acceptance Insurance has been accredited through the Better Business Bureau since June 2022. They currently hold an A+ rating, which is the highest rating possible for financial stability. Over the last three years, the company has had 87 closed complaints. 

AM Best

Through AM Best, Acceptance has an A- rating. This is seen as an excellent rating and reflects a stable financial outlook as a company. This information is effective as of January 2023.

The verdict

Acceptance is a solid insurance carrier that operates in 15 different states. They offer many different types of insurance products that range from personal lines to commercial lines. When getting a homeowners insurance policy through Acceptance, it appears they are fairly straightforward and offer basic homeowners insurance coverage.

It is unknown which discounts (if any) are provided to customers and what the average premium pricing is like. To get a rate from Acceptance, the easiest thing to do is go online and get a quote. You can input all of your information to get a customized quote that will provide you with more details on how much it will cost.

When it comes to handling claims, Acceptance does not have the best reputation. Many customers state that they are slow and unhelpful in the claims department. This has led to many inconveniences. However, those who have dealt with Acceptance for customer service appear to be satisfied.

This seems like a decent carrier for homeowners insurance, but you should always keep customer reviews in mind. You are likely to find many different policies that you need from Acceptance if you are willing to look past the negative reviews.

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