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Bunker Hill Home Insurance Review

Bunker Hill Home Insurance Review

Bunker Hill Home Insurance Review

Operating out of Boston, MA, Bunker Hill Insurance is a homeowners and personal liability coverage provider. They offer their customers quality service and quick response times to any claims. Partnered with Plymouth Rock Insurance, Bunker Hill can provide you with quality discounts on your insurance premiums.

Bunker Hill overview

Bunker Hill is a relatively small company who was founded just over 20 years ago. When it comes to regional insurance providers, Bunker Hill is quite young. They were founded in 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts where they continue to host their headquarters. Bunker Hill is mainly in the state of Massachusetts but has since expanded into Connecticut where they provide home and liability coverage policies. Bunker Hill themselves do not provide auto insurance, but they partner with Plymouth Rock to supply policies.

Because of their partnership with Plymouth Rock, Bunker Hill is able to offer quality discounts on their auto and homeowners policies. Bunker Hill is the insurance provider for over 40,000 homes in the New England area and continues to provide competitive prices for relatively good coverage. Their goal is to become the top insurance provider in their region so anyone looking to become a future policyholder with Bunker Hill should have a lot to look forward to. If Bunker Hill can continue to grow and develop, policyholders might have something to be excited about.

Bunker Hill provides insurance through independent agents in the Massachusetts and Connecticut areas. They are not a direct supplier and because of this, their premiums may go up compared to other regional companies. This will vary based on the agent as the commission will account for a price increase. To compensate for the possible premium increase, Bunker Hill offers something most insurance companies of this size cannot: a home and auto discount.

Bunker Hill is new to the insurance game but has quickly established themselves as a competitive and interactive company. Bunker Hill promises quality service and immediate response to customer issues.

Financial situation – rates and claims

Bunker Hill offers a variety of insurance policies ranging from homeowners coverage of your personal property to vacation homes. Their homeowners insurance policy will cover you for your basic property and personal protection plan. You have the option to upgrade your policy from standard coverage to “Smart Choice” or “1775” coverage. Each policy increases in coverage amount allowing you to protect specialty items or insure your home for 150% of its value. These add-ons are quite competitive for a company of Bunker Hill’s size.

Bunker Hill also provides many discounts to its clientele base. The discount Bunker Hill advertises the most is the bundle option with Plymouth Rock auto insurance. You can expect a 20% discount on your insurance premiums if you bundle your home and auto between the two companies. For a company of this size that is a rather hefty discount and something you won’t find too often. Bunker Hill also has an umbrella coverage option which will cover your property in full for most risks.

Since Bunker Hill operates through independent agents, it’s difficult to find rates online. The commission to be expected from an agent will drive the premium up but it seems like what is offered in each policy may be worth the price. The added discounts Bunker Hill offers also makes a strong case for relatively inexpensive insurance. They are a smaller insurance company so premiums will be more expensive than someone like GEICO, but when it comes to regional insurance providers, Bunker Hill is rather decently priced.

The claims process can be done online through the website, through your agent, or over a toll-free phone line. Bunker Hill promises a same-day response to a filed claim and same-day adjusting for simple claims. If your claim is relatively small, you might be covered and paid within 24-hours. Larger claims will take longer but Bunker Hill promises fast response time and quick payouts if the claim is approved.

Consumer reviews

While not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Bunker Hill does hold an A+ rating. Only three complaints have been filed against them in the past three years which is surprisingly low for any insurance company. Customer reviews are few and far between but of the ones available, it seems to be an even split of good and bad. Many of the positive reviews credit them for their quick response time and friendly customer service. The negative reviews tend to lean towards denied claims. Again, not too many reviews are available for this company.

Bunker Hill is decently responsive to customer complaints and makes it a habit of reaching out online to talk with dissatisfied customers. This showcases their desire to be better and their ability to respond to complaints, something you might not see from a larger company or even other regional ones. Bunker Hill does not seem to have too many reviews which could be a sign of satisfied customers who don’t feel the need to write a complaint.‚Äč

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