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Hochheim Prairie Home Insurance Review

Hochheim Prairie Home Insurance Review

Hochheim Prairie Home Insurance Review

Hochheim Prairie sticks to the old ways of insurance. The Texas-based company relies on referrals and face to face conversations rather than on online procedures. They offer their customers a guaranteed quality in claims service, but it may take a couple of days for them to get your message.

Hochheim Prairie overview

An experienced company with origins dating back to 1892, Hochheim Prairie has been writing insurance policies for over 100 years. Hochheim Prairie was founded in Hochheim, Texas when a community of farmers got together to create an insurance company for their area. Originally based as a farm insurance company, Hochheim Prairie grew and developed policies across the state of Texas. Today, Hochheim Prairie provides homeowners, auto, and liability insurance options.

Hochheim Prairie is a company that began by word of mouth and much of their business operations today continue to be spread this way. They appeal to the local areas where they operate by offering quality services and personable agents which many larger insurance companies do not provide. Their online presence is lackluster and shows the company’s priorities do not feature a shift into modern insurance. You can still submit claims online, but Hochheim Prairie strongly encourages a face to face transaction that starts with the agent.

Hochheim Prairie does not offer direct policy sales and operates through independent agents throughout the state of Texas. This is a rather common business practice for insurance companies of this size. This plays into Hochheim’s business philosophy of keeping with the past. By operating through independent agents on a state-wide basis, Hochheim Prairie is able to justify their lack of online accessibility through personal coverage. Hochheim Prairie now operates out of Yoakum, Texas.

Financial situation – rates and claims

As a smaller company, Hochheim Prairie’s rates are most likely more expensive than a larger brand of insurance provider. Along with this higher premium comes the additional cost of the agent’s commission. This is a drawback of companies operating through independent agents but one that is expected of most regional insurers. What you are promised is an agent who understands you and knows your personal situation, treating you and your claim with more respect. This is something that may be lost when dealing with a bigger company.

Hochheim Prairie offers customers an array of coverage options like homeowners, liability, and auto insurance policies. They also offer a farm owners policy and a small business protection plan. For each, you can expect a basic list of coverage options and some add-on options to extend the coverage of your home and belongings. Their auto insurance provides your basic liability and collision protection as well as roadside assistance. Hochheim Prairie offers an extra glass repair choice which can be serviced by their own mechanics. This is rare for a business this size and will cut out a possible added charge by the would-be independent vendor.

Hochheim Prairie’s homeowners insurance leaves a lot to be desired, however, as liability coverage is not included. Hochheim Prairie considers liability protection an add-on to homeowners insurance that you must purchase separately. Most basic homeowners policies include liability coverage so Hochheim Prairie making it an extra policy is an interesting move. You can buy an endorsement to cover farm and ranch equipment which is appealing to many of Hochheim Prairie’s customers.

As a company that operates through independent agents, you will need to speak with an agent to get an accurate quote. Their online presence is low, and they don’t display any rates online. It’s to be expected from a small company that relies on word of mouth that their premiums are rather high. This, on top of the agent’s commission, could stack up to a hefty price tag.

Their claims section is also done through a personal exchange. Hochheim Prairie recommends your claim be first submitted to your agent before being processed by the company. This means there is little in regards to online submission for claims and should rather be done during your agent’s hours. There are toll-free numbers for you to call but the company again suggests you file the claim with your agent first. Hochheim Prairie does not have a modern approach to insurance which can be risk when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Consumer reviews

Hochheim Prairie is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. There has only been one complaint filed against Hochheim Prairie which they settled recently. A company with this lack of online presence leaves much to be desired in terms of customer reviews. Not many exist and not enough complaints have been filed to get an accurate idea of what customers think of Hochheim Prairie.

It’s clear that Hochheim Prairie has a philosophy when it comes to insurance and is based on the traditions of how they were established. They don’t have much online and request that business be done by word of mouth and face to face interactions. Their separation of liability coverage and homeowners insurance is concerning but their glass repair option is nice.

Hochheim Prairie is not the company you want to go with if you like speedy response times and instant customer service. They offer quality coverage in the region they operate in, but the lack of customer response makes it hard to know if they are good on their claims response. ‚Äč

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