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Rockingham Insurance Homeowners Review

Rockingham Insurance Homeowners Review

Rockingham Insurance Homeowners Review

Rockingham Insurance is an insurance company that services Virginia, and recently the Pennsylvania area. Rockingham Insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States, with roots dating back to 150 years ago. Rockingham Insurance a child company of Rockingham Mutual Group. 

Rockingham Insurance has a long history of providing insurance in the state of Virginia – its first branch was opened in 1869 in Port Republic, VA. The company was established 150+ years ago. Rockingham quickly expanded by offering home insurance and became a staple name by rebranding as West Rockingham Mutual Group in 1872. Rockingham was never bankrupted/and or gone out of business and it was a fully-functional insurance company during the Great Depression. During the mid 20th century, Rockingham went on to become Rockingham Mutual Insurance in the year 1968. Rockingham acquired many Virginia-based insurance companies and went on to become the largest insurer in the state.

Rockingham’s main focus is the Virginia market, however, at the turn of the 21st century, they expanded to Pennsylvania. Their latest expansion was the formation of Rockingham Specialty in 2012, and the company remains loyal to their deep-rooted traditions of offering diverse insurance to customers.

Rockingham is an all-around insurance company that provides home insurance, auto insurance, and commercial property insurance. Rockingham services high-risk insurance such as mobile homes, farms, and more – the company has a large selection of over 50,000 policies that are sold through a network of independent agents (and can be obtained directly). Rockingham Insurance is located in Rocky Mount, VA.

Rockingham Insurance is available for the following:

  • Homes
  • Condominium units
  • Mobile homes
  • Rental properties
  • Farms
  • Commercial properties

Financial Ratings

Rockingham was awarded “A” ratings by all major financial companies in the United States. Being one of the oldest insurance companies in the U.S., Rockingham has a history of servicing Virginia citizens for well over 150 years. It’s part of the Better Business Bureau (BBA) which ranks Rockingham “A+” for financial stability and customer service. The company receives very few complaints, a testament to their high level of customer support.

Home Insurance

Rockingham offers home insurance under a single HO-3 homeowner plan. The HO-3 policy is available to all homeowners in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Rockingham imposes very few initial checks and clients can sign up for their HO-3 even if they don’t reside in a high-value home. There are discounts for clients that combine their HO-3 with auto insurance and other policies. Rockingham sells home insurance on an individual basis – the HO-3 includes certain generic perils, but separate perils and coverage can be added independently. Rockingham sells many optional add-ons.

HO-3 Policy

Rockingham’s standard HO-3 plan includes coverage for the following:

  • Damages to the home. All damages caused by fires, structural weakening, a tree falls, or neighbor accidents will be covered under HO-3 policy.
  • Personal property. All damage to personal property inside the home in the event of an accident will be covered by Rockingham’s plan.

HO-3 Add-Ons (Optional)

Rockingham has a long list of add-ons which can be added to all HO-3 or condo/mobile home insurance policies. The following are also available for all other property insurance plans:

  • Earthquake coverage. If the property is damaged in the event of an earthquake, the client has an option to add earthquake coverage as it isn’t included in the basic plan.
  • Equipment coverage: Equipment coverage for all electronics and devices that make the home run such as AC units, security cameras, electric appliances, and more. Rockingham claims this add-on can be had for under $50 and it’s one of the cheapest add-ons for homeowners.
  • High-value items. If the client wishes to ensure valuables such as gold, artwork, antiques or more this add-on will help them add the coverage they need.
  • Green coverage. If the client has solar panels or other green-energy equipment on their property, they can be covered with the green-coverage add-on.
  • Identity coverage: Rockingham calls this Fraud-Scout, an identity protection add-on which protects clients from identity theft. If the client’s identity is used to commit fraud or for malicious purposes of any kind, this insurance can help clear up their credit history and public record.
  • Infrastructure coverage. In the event invisible infrastructure to the home is damaged (such as water pipes, electric lines, etc) Rockingham will give the homeowner the coverage they need.


Rockingham provides discounts to clients who are low-risk and/or loyal to the company. Rockingham also provides discounts to clients who combine their homeowners policy with one of their auto-insurance policies (offered as bundles). The following discounts apply to all homeowners plans:

  • Home-auto bundle insurance. Each client combining their auto insurance with their HO-3 will receive a 15% discount on the total premium.
  • Loss-free discount. If the client hasn’t made a single claim in 3 years, Rockingham automatically decreased their yearly premiums by 15%.
  • New home discount. Clients who insure new homes or homes built in the last 15 years are eligible for a 20% discount on their total premiums. Rockingham also offers this for mobile homeowners if their mobile home is less than 10 years old.
  • Mortgage discount. If the client takes out a new mortgage or refinances their current mortgage, Rockingham promises a 10% discount on their premiums.
  • Security discounts. If the home is equipped with anti-theft security measures such as security cameras, motion detectors, smoke alarms or fire extinguishers, they are entitled to a discount in premium %.

Customer Reviews

Rockingham Insurance received 5-star positive reviews from customers. Customers praise Rockingham’s low premiums, plentiful discounts, and excellent customer service. Customers claim that their multiple policy options and combination options (such as umbrella insurance, bundles, etc) provide them great choice and they can draft up their own plan. The few negative reviews seem to come from clients who were under-insured and didn’t receive full compensation for their damages. Clients have to make sure they purchase the coverage necessary in order to not fall short on claims.

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