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Tower Hill Home Insurance Review

Tower Hill Home Insurance Review

In an industry where client satisfaction is always low, Tower Hill Home Insurance is creating an exception. They have an impressive customer satisfaction rate, which means that their clients are satisfied with how they have been handling their claims and policy applications. Tower Hill home insurance is also focused on providing customizable policies exclusively to Floridians. With all these plus points up their sleeves, is Tower Hill Home Insurance the best home insurance provider in Florida?

Tower Hill Home Insurance: Overview

Florida has one of the highest insurance rates in the U.S. because they have experienced a great number of natural disasters in recent years. Tower Hill focuses its service in the Florida area to make sure that they understand the needs of their clients. With nearly 50 years in the business, Tower Hill knows what Floridians need and want when it comes to their insurance policies.

Tower Hill is grounded on its core values, which is Choices, Confidence, Responsiveness, and Trust. THIG has worked to ensure that their clients can have access to customizable products. Their clients have also gained confidence in the financial strength of the company, which leads them to trust in Tower Hill. Tower Hill puts great value in their responsiveness during a crisis and when their clients file a claim.

Tower Hill Home Insurance: Pros


Offerings for High-value Homes

Tower Hill offers two home insurance policies, which are the Basic and the Imperial Shield Policy. Homeowners that own high-value homes and high-value items can opt to purchase the Imperial Shield Policy that offers extra protection for these types of items. This policy provides up to $1,000,000 in property coverage. The Imperial Shield Policyoffers additional coverage like identity fraud protection and scheduled personal property. It also offers higher level of coverages. However, Basic Policyholders can choose to upgrade their policies by purchasing the Emerald coverage to increase their coverage limit and liability coverage.

Excellent customer satisfaction rating

Tower Hill Home Insurance surely has an edge when it comes to their customer satisfaction ratings. This insurance company has been known to provide speedy replies and customers can process their claims application through the online app and their website. Customers will also have access to their insurance policy via the Tower Hill Insurance app and the official Tower Hill website.

Great Financial Strength

According to A.M. Best, Tower Hill has a financial strength rating of A- or an Excellent rating. Moreover, their Business Bureau Rating is also A+. This is an indicator that Tower Hill Insurance is able to handle the claims filed against their policies. It is also an indicator that this insurance company has financial stability.

Tower Hill Home Insurance: Cons


Online Platform can be improved

Despite offering a paperless discount on their policies, Tower Hill Home Insurance online platforms still need improvement. The logins in the website can do better to prevent lags. Moreover, the policy information found on the website can also be improved to enhance the online experience.

Low claim amount

Despite having an excellent customer satisfaction rate, several policyholders have reported receiving a low claim amount. This means that some clients will have to shell out more for repair and replacement costs.

Discount Offers

Here are some of the policy discounts offered by Tower Hill Home Insurance:

  • Auto/Home Bundling Discount – Policyholders get a 5% discount if they bundle their homeowners insurance with auto insurance from them.
  • Protective Device Discount – Homeowners may purchase their policies with a 2-5% discount if they install a central station fire alarm, burglar alarm, deadbolts, smoke alarm & fire extinguisher.
  • Claims-Free Discount – If the homeowner hasn’t made a chargeable claim in the last three years, they are able to get a 20% discount on their policy.
  • Paid-In-Full Discount – Policyholders that pay for their yearly insurance in full may get a 5% discount on their total payment.
  • Paperless Discount – Customers that opt for paperless billing will be given a 1% discount on their policy. This provides an eco-friendly option, limiting paper waste.

Tower Hill Home Insurance: Verdict

Now, we answer the question that we have in the beginning, “Is Tower Hill Home Insurance the best home insurance provider in Florida?”

While Tower Hill Home Insurance can’t really claim this title, the policies offered by this insurance company are certainly impressive. High-value homes will find their Imperial Claim policy reliable since the insurance coverage will be higher and it will be able to cover for the cost of expensive items. However, the best feature of Tower Hill is their responsive and reliable customer service, which is the greatest edge of this company.

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