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Wellington Insurance Group Homeowners Review

Wellington Insurance Group Homeowners Review

Wellington Insurance Group Homeowners Review

Wellington Insurance Group is a Texas-based finance and insurance provider that combines financial services and insurance policies. Wellington is a large insurance conglomerate that owns a number of subsidiaries that provide home insurance based on assessed risk – the company provides insurance for all homes including high-risk homes. Wellington was founded in 1988 in Ft. Worth, TX where it retains its roots – Wellington is an established company that has been operational for over 30 years. Wellington was initially known as the Frontier General Insurance Agency but changed its name to Wellington Insurance Group in 2011.

Company Overview

Wellington provides insurance based on a 3-level quota system for homes. The company allocates triaged risk for homes based on how risky the property is. If it’s an older property in bad cosmetic shape, the company allocates a special high-risk carrier from their insurance group. Wellington has multiple layers of carriers that sell policies, dispersed throughout the state of Texas. 

Wellington Insurance Group does not sell their policies directly – clients have to enter their zip code in order to find their nearest agent who will present them with a list of quote options. Wellington presents itself as a financial company in addition to an insurance company, but they specialize in home insurance. Wellington is located in Fort Worth, TX.

Wellington home insurance policies are available for the following:

Financial Ratings

Wellington Insurance Group has stable finances. Wellington is listed on the Better Business Bureau, a company responsible for rating insurance companies based on their financial stability and customer complaint ratio. The BBB awards Wellington a B+ rating which signifies it’s a financially-stable company.

Home Insurance Plans

Wellington provides extensive coverage plans with multiple optional add-ons and coverage increases. Clients can negotiate their desired coverage or purchase guaranteed replacement cost options. Below are summaries of Wellington’s products.


Wellington’s premium plan with the highest amount of coverage for the home, personal belongings, liability, and medical payments – this plan is for homeowners who reside in their homes as a primary residence. The following are covered under the SelectPlus plan:

  • The Home. SelectPLUS provides repair/replacement coverage of up to $1M and it’s suitable for most homes in the state of Texas. This is an open perils coverage. The home receives the highest value coverage on the property. 
  • Side Structures. All other structures located on the client’s property are insured automatically and is also open perils; however, clients receive lesser coverage for those structures than the main home. This includes garages, sheds, animal barns, decks, and all structures on the property. 
  • Personal Property. Provides coverage for 16 named perils. All personal property that does not qualify as a “high-value item” is insured: clothes, furniture, electronics, AC units, guns, pool equipment, and more. There are limits on the claims a client can make on personal property, and high-value items have to be insured separately. 
  • Liability protection. Clients are insured against lawsuits and receive medical protection – the insured family members are covered for up to $500,000 in medical damage. For guests, if they’re injured on the property they can receive coverage of up to $5,000. 
  • Add-ons (optional). Clients can expand this program by purchasing optional endorsements for “Foundation Seepage or Leakage” and “Water Seepage or Leakage”.


The Select HO-3 plan only offers coverage for the main home and side structures, similar to the SelectPLUS program, on a replacement cost basis. The Select plan also covers personal property and other liabilities such as medical costs. Clients can optionally broaden this plan to include other perils to the default 16 named perils.


The Standard plan covers 12 perils instead of 16 perils and it includes coverage for the side structures, personal belongings, and liability. Standard only offers $300,000 in personal liability, compared to SelectPLUS’ $500,000. 


The Value plan is an 8 peril home protection plan; clients can insure their property for cash value on all repairs. This plan also covers side structures, personal belongings, and medical liability of up to $100,000. 

Dwelling Fire

The Dwelling Fire plan is Wellington’s most economical plan and it offers similar policies to the standard plan, however, the coverage on the dwelling and medical liability is lower. Dwelling Fire is available to older homes or high-risk properties

Earthquake Program

Clients can insure their properties with the Earthquake program that protects the home and provides million-dollar coverage on the insured value. 

Coastal Program

Wellington has a special program for homes located next to the Texas coast, and it provides coverage for all common coastal natural disasters: windstorms, hail storms, hurricanes, increased cost of construction, evacuation expenses, etc.

Customer Reviews

Wellington receives mostly negative reviews. The company has a few positive reviews, but many customers have had terrible experiences with Wellington. Positive reviews say that the company provides good customer service initially and that they offer competitive rates without increasing the price. Few reviewers say they had a positive experience with the claims process and that the customer service agents were helpful to them upon making a claim. 

Most reviews are negative due to bad customer service and long claims processing. Customers say that the company is unreliable for processing claims and that they sometimes delay claims for months on end. One reviewer said that his elderly parents were left without a contractor for months after they made a claim on their house damages. Many reviewers claim the company never initiates first calls after they make claims and clients have to call them constantly.

Wellington does seem to pay out customers, but the speed of payouts appears to be the worst aspect of their customer service.

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