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American Traditions Home Insurance Review (2023)

American Traditions is a Florida-only insurance provider that offers various types of homeowners insurance. Founded in 2006, ATIC has become the largest insurer of manufactured homes in Florida. Read the whole review to learn about their premiums and customer complaints.

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Premiums 3
Claims 1
Customer Satisfaction 2
Financial Standing 5
  • Insures many different types of homes.
  • The biggest insurer of manufactured homes in FL.
  • Financially stable company.
  • Customers report affordable premiums.
  • Many negative reviews about claims handling or customer service.
  • Premiums can increase dramatically for policyholders with no claims.
  • No known discounts available.
  • Only available in Florida.

American Traditions is an insurance company that was founded after the devastating hurricane season of 2005. They officially began writing business in 2006 and have over 100 years of combined experience among its founders. They started out insuring manufactured homes and have since expanded their coverage for traditional homes, seasonal homes, condos, and apartments. They offer a range of products to help protect homeowners in the state of Florida.

Because they are experienced with natural disasters, many Floridians turn to the company for their homeowners insurance needs. American Traditions has grown quickly as a reliable insurer and has since merged with its affiliate company, Modern USA Insurance Company. This happened in 2018 and has resulted in American Traditions being the largest insurer of manufactured homes in Florida.

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The company prioritizes financial stability for its customers and makes it a point to take a conservative approach when handling their needs. This strategy falls in line with American Traditions’ standards of integrity and good faith. American Traditions is particular about who they employ as agents, only wishing to work with those who are able to best represent the company.

American Traditions homeowners insurance coverages

American Traditions sticks to the classic HO-3 form when it comes to homeowners insurance. This type of policy protects your dwelling and detached structures on an open-perils basis. For owner-occupied dwellings, they offer protection for your dwelling, other structures, and personal property. You are also given coverage in case you must temporarily relocate because of a loss and will cover personal liability and medical payments. If you want to add anything to your policy, it is possible to do so by choosing from American Traditions’ additional coverage options.

In case you are looking for a flood policy, you can also purchase this from American Traditions. Because they operate in the state of Florida, this is a common request among its customers. The weather presents many risks for flooding, which is not covered by traditional homeowners insurance policies.

Additional coverages

If you are looking for more coverage for your home, you can get this through American Traditions. They offer a few options to choose from to increase your coverage.

  • Equipment breakdown: This coverage is appropriate for a traditional home, manufactured home, or condo. It is a policy endorsement that protects you in case your mechanical or electrical systems break down because of a covered peril. It is an important endorsement because these issues are generally excluded from typical homeowners insurance policies. Everything from your appliances to operational systems in your home will be covered.
  • Identity theft: In case your identity is stolen, this can come with many different tasks as you work to regain it. A specialist can work with you every step of the way. In addition, you are able to monitor up to 1,500 databases that store information when you select this endorsement. This gives you the ability to know that your data is being protected, even if your identity has not been stolen.

These coverages can be added upon request to any homeowners insurance policy you purchase from American Traditions. You can ask the agent to add these coverages if you want them and if there are any others that are available.

American Traditions home insurance discounts

American Traditions does not specify whether or not they offer customers any discounts on insurance. They do not offer auto insurance, so it is unlikely that you can receive a discount by bundling policies, but the easiest way to figure out if you qualify for a discount is by getting a quote from a local agent. You will be able to specify the coverages you want to get an accurate rate.

American Traditions homeowners insurance premiums

According to some online review sites, a homeowners insurance policy from American Traditions with a $300,000 dwelling limit will cost around $2,314 annually. This is higher than the national average in the state of Florida, so it appears that American Traditions is not the most competitive when it comes to premium pricing. This number can vary greatly depending on the type of policy you choose and any additional coverages that are selected. If you are looking for a low rate on your homeowners insurance, American Traditions is likely not going to be the best choice because it is unknown if they even offer any discounts to customers.

We did find several customers praising American Traditions for their fair and competitive rates. At the same time, there are some complaints that this insurer raises premiums upon renewal even for clients with no claims. This is a common complaint among Florida homeowners, as the cost of insurance has been going up due to many recent hurricanes.

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Claims experience

One of the biggest complaints found when looking through customer reviews is American Traditions’ inability to communicate with customers after a claim has been filed. People have stated the company does not respond to voicemails or emails in a timely manner, leaving the customer to feel stressed in an already difficult time.

Many people have stated that the claims process moves very slowly when filing a claim through American Traditions. This can become very frustrating as people are working hard to come back from a covered incident.

Many of the negative claim experiences come as a result of Hurricane Ian which affected a lot of Florida homeowners at the end of September 2022. As of May 2023, there are still some policyholders who are claiming to be waiting for American Traditions to handle their claims. One customer claims to still have a tarp over their roof to protect their home from the rain.

Customer satisfaction

There are some reviews stating that American Traditions is easy to work with regarding simple policy requests. They have had decent experiences getting questions answered and finding help when they need it. However, there are other people who echo the complaints of American Traditions being very difficult to get in touch with and not being able to get help.

It appears to be hit or miss when contacting the company for help. This kind of unpredictability is off putting to many customers because they feel that American Traditions is not attentive enough for an insurer. It does seem like a risk choosing them for homeowners insurance because you might not be able to get assistance when you need it most.

As of May 2023, American Traditions has earned a 2.80-star rating from 170 Google reviews with customers complaining about how this insurance company handled Hurrican Ian making up a huge portion of those reviews.

Financial strength


American Traditions has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since December 2012. They currently hold an A+ rating, which showcases excellent financial stability as a company. As of the past three years, American Traditions has had 56 closed complaints.


Through Demotech, American Traditions receives an A rating. This is an excellent rating in terms of financial stability. They appear to have a positive financial outlook as a company.

American Traditions gets 5 out of 5 stars for financial strength.

The verdict

American Traditions appears to be an average company with a decent selection of homeowners policy options. They do offer additional coverage and can write flood insurance, but only in the state of Florida. If you are looking for a policy and reside in Florida, they can definitely write you a policy that will protect your home, but there are no known discounts being offered. American Traditions is the biggest insurer of manufactured homes in Florida

Despite, some review sites reporting that American Traditions has higher-than-average annual premiums, some clients were pleased with the affordable rates they have received. However, some did complain about experiencing huge rate increases with no claims filed.

They are not known for being great at customer service or handling claims, which are two very important factors. Many customers have complained that it takes a long time for the company to respond and will leave you waiting. This lack of communication makes it difficult to feel you can trust American Traditions as an insurer.

While they are a valid option, American Traditions does not appear to be a great option for homeowners insurance. They can write different types of policies, but their service is lacking and will likely leave you in frustrating circumstances. It is probably best to look elsewhere when shopping for homeowners insurance in Florida.

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