Find Cheaper Homeowners Insurance

Berkeley CA Home Insurance Rates

The average cost of homeowners insurance in the city is $1,181/yr. Annual premiums in Berkeley, CA are $195 more than the state average and $8 higher than the national average. We compared rates from different providers across Berkeley. Based on our findings, the cheapest home insurance policies belong to the following: Mercury Insurance Group offers … Read more

Carlsbad CA Home Insurance Rates

Carlsbad homeowners have 48 California insurance agencies to choose from. Each offers premiums at a different rate – the highest being $1,958/year and with $308 as the most affordable. The typical home insurance cost in Carlsbad, CA is about $879/year. It’s $107 cheaper than the average home insurance cost in California and $294 lower than … Read more

Costa Mesa CA Home Insurance Rates

Costa Mesa, CA is serviced by 48 California home insurance companies. Several factors affect their homeowners insurance premiums. Though it could go as high as $2,129/year with $371 being the cheapest home insurance premium available. The overall average cost of homeowners insurance in Costa Mesa, CA is around $994/year. It’s only slightly higher than the … Read more

Inglewood CA Home Insurance Rates

In Inglewood, CA the home insurance cost per year is between $355 and $4,470 depending on the provider and coverage. Meanwhile, the city’s average home insurance cost is $1,242.35. For comparison, the typical homeowners insurance cost is $986 in California and $1,173 in the United States. Locals spend $256.35 and $69.35 more than the state … Read more

Murrieta CA Home Insurance Rates

We used the table below for homeowners insurance comparison of all 48 companies in Murrieta, CA. According to our analysis, the top 3 home insurance providers in the city are as follows: Mercury Insurance Group. They have the most affordable yearly home insurance cost for a new house with $400,000 coverage. Western Mutual/Residence. They have … Read more