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West Covina CA Home Insurance Rates

The yearly home insurance cost in West Covina, CA is about $1,100. It’s one of the more expensive rates in California. The state average is only $986/year. And yet it’s also one of the best homeowners insurance rates in the United States. The typical home insurance cost in the country is $1,173/year.

If these rates seem too high, you shouldn’t worry about it. You can get home insurance for as low as $395/year. Our tool lets you compare home insurance rates in West Covina – and we used it to find the best deals for you!

Where to Buy Cheap Homeowners Insurance in West Covina, CA

Pacific Property & Casualty offers the cheapest home insurance for a new house at $400,000 coverage. However, the city’s top provider is Allstate. They have the lowest insurance rates for an older house at $300,000 to $400,000 coverage.

We looked at 48 California home insurance companies available in West Covina. Afterwards, we ranked them from lowest to highest based on their prices.

You can buy the cheapest home insurance from:

  1. Allstate ($557.75)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($626)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($661)
  4. ASI Select Ins Corp. ($756.75)
  5. Universal North America ($768.50)
  6. First American Specialty ($770.25)
  7. Tokio Marine America ($788.75)
  8. Pacific Property & Casualty ($792.25)
  9. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($797.75)
  10. Horace Mann ($805)
CompanyAnnual rate for a new house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $300k coverageAnnual rate for 26-40 yr house & $300k coverageCompany Average
Mercury Ins Group$401$809$633$661$626
Pacific Specialty$546$854$654$590$661
ASI Select Ins Corp$559$913$726$829$756.75
Universal North America$481$924$740$929$768.5
First American Specialty$618$1,011$726$726$770.25
Tokio Marine America$744$959$726$726$788.75
Pacific Property And Casualty$395$1,038$785$951$792.25
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$482$1,074$814$821$797.75
Horace Mann$752$1,003$711$754$805
California Casualty$507$1,010$848$885$812.5
IDS Property Casualty$693$1,060$784$902$859.75
Amica Mutual$777$1,074$842$842$883.75
Aegis Security$817$1,085$815$987$926
CSE Safeguard$587$1,120$1,000$1,043$937.5
MAPFRE Group$714$1,226$913$956$952.25
Western Mutual/Residence$813$1,088$843$1,135$969.75
California Capital$783$1,186$946$966$970.25
Horace Mann P & C$923$1,231$876$929$989.75
General Ins$675$1,291$1,032$1,101$1024.75
State Farm$703$1,378$1,053$1,139$1068.25
Cincinnati Ins Co$1,053$1,320$1,010$1,061$1,111
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$736$1,457$1,133$1,144$1117.5
Liberty Ins Corp$739$1,324$1,072$1,363$1124.5
American Security$964$1,377$1,034$1,199$1143.5
AIG Prop Cas$1,182$1,472$1,124$1,178$1,239
Stillwater Ins Co$845$1,634$1,270$1,263$1253
American Reliable$1,172$1,413$1,103$1,352$1,260
American Modern$1,349$1,470$1,070$1,179$1,267
Farmers (Fire Ins)$1,075$1,759$1,416$1,335$1,396.25
Hartford (Sentinel)$1,146$1,761$1,449$1,680$1,509
Metropolitan Direct$1,254$1,899$1,458$1,529$1,535
Foremost Insurance$1,742$1,916$1,366$1,508$1,633
Privilege Underwriters Exch$2,020$2,806$2,105$2,105$2,259
Bankers Standard$2,197$2,906$2,692$2,822$2,654.25

The lowest rates for a new house with $400,000 home insurance coverage are:

  1. Pacific Property & Casualty ($395)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($401)
  3. Allstate ($435)
  4. Universal North America ($481)
  5. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($482)

A $400,000 home insurance for a 7-15 year old house is cheapest at:

  1. Allstate ($720)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($809)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($854)
  4. ASI Select Ins Group ($913)
  5. Universal North America ($924)

You can buy home insurance cheapest from these companies if you want $300,000 coverage for a 7-15 year old house:

  1. Allstate ($538)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($633)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($654)
  4. Horace Mann ($711)
  5. ASI Select Ins Corp. ($726)

The most affordable $300,000 home insurance for a 26-40 year old house are:

  1. Allstate ($538)
  2. Pacific Specialty ($590)
  3. Mercury Ins Group ($661)
  4. Tokio Marine America ($726)

First American Specialty ($726)

  1. Horace Mann ($754)

Why compare home insurance in West Covina, CA?

Costs vary depending on the type of home insurance policy and the company offering it. This explains why providers price the same HO-3 policy a bit differently. Apart from varying rates, these policies tend to have minor differences in coverage. What may look like the same HO-2 broad form policy will protect against different perils.

Due to these subtle distinctions, it’s best to compare before buying homeowners insurance. It helps to ensure you get the right home insurance policy, with the right coverage, and for the right price.

How Can Homeowners Insurance Protect You?

Home insurance can protect four basic things:

  • Your dwelling
  • Other structures
  • Personal property
  • Liability

1. Dwelling Coverage

All home insurance policies provide coverage for your dwelling. It protects the main structure of your home and attached structures like a garage or deck.

2. Other Structures Coverage

Many policies also cover structures within an insured property but aren’t attached to the home. Examples would be a separate garage, garden shed, or the fence.

3. Personal Property Coverage

Home insurance can also protect the personal belongings inside your home. This type of property insurance pays for the repair or replacement of personal property. The only requirement is for the property to suffer loss or damage from a covered peril.

4. Liability Coverage

Finally, homeowners insurance can protect you against liability. If someone who doesn’t live with you gets injured while in your property, liability insurance will help pay for legal expenses and/or medical bills.

Note: All types of home insurance coverage will have their respective limits. A coverage limit is defined as the maximum amount a provider pays to cover loss or damage. If you want better coverage, you can increase your limits by opting for a higher (and usually more expensive) policy.

What Is It Like To Live In West Covina, CA?

The city of West Covina is a wonderful place to settle down. Known for its safe neighborhoods, it’s quite surprising that its population only grew 1.4% from 2010 to 2017. In spite of this seemingly slow growth, West Covina is quickly evolving. What was once a suburban is now a proper urban city. Malls, chain stores, and restaurants keep popping up here and there. There’s also a good selection of schools for families who want to move in.

With a median household income of $74,551, it’s definitely one of the highest earning cities in the state. California’s median income of $67,169 is considerably less than that of West Covina. So is the national median income which is only $57,652.

The city’s high earnings is complimented with reasonable housing costs. The median value of housing units in West Covina CA is $459,500. Although higher than the standard cost of houses in California ($443,400), it’s still close enough.

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