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Berkeley CA Home Insurance Rates

The average cost of homeowners insurance in the city is $1,181/yr. Annual premiums in Berkeley, CA are $195 more than the state average and $8 higher than the national average.

We compared rates from different providers across Berkeley. Based on our findings, the cheapest home insurance policies belong to the following:

  • Mercury Insurance Group offers the lowest $400,000 insurance policy for a new house
  • Pacific Specialtyhas the lowest $300,000 and $400,000 insurance policies for older houses (7-40 yrs)

Where to Buy Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Berkeley, CA

There are 49 California home insurance companies in Berkeley. To help you choose, we narrowed them down to providers with the lowest premiums.

You can get the best home insurance policy from any of these companies:

  1. Pacific Specialty ($560.25)
  2. Mercury Insurance Group ($590.75)
  3. Allstate ($665)
  4. Travelers ($702.75)
  5. Tokio Marine America ($775)
  6. Universal North America ($789.50)
  7. CSAA Insurance Exchange ($792.25)
  8. State Farm ($865.50)
  9. ASI Select Insurance Corporation ($893.75)
  10. Aegis Security ($921.50)
CompanyAnnual rate for a new house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $300k coverageAnnual rate for 26-40 yr house & $300k coverageCompany Average
$960.18$1437.39$1121.55$1205.39Berkeley Average: $1181.13
Pacific Specialty$464$720$555$502$560.25
Mercury Ins Group$400$747$591$625$590.75
Tokio Marine America$730$942$714$714$775
Universal North America$494$949$760$955$789.5
CSAA Ins Exch$564$941$820$844$792.25
State Farm$569$1,117$853$923$865.5
ASI Select Ins Corp$668$1,079$857$971$893.75
Aegis Security$813$1,080$811$982$921.5
IDS Property Casualty$782$1,197$885$1,018$970.5
First American Specialty$783$1,288$921$921$978.25
California Capital$810$1,227$978$1,000$1003.75
CSE Safeguard$724$1,199$1,058$1,126$1026.75
California Casualty$653$1,285$1,081$1,124$1035.75
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$632$1,401$1,061$1,071$1041.25
Amica Mutual$920$1,272$990$990$1043
Hartford (Sentinel)$850$1,203$993$1,215$1065.25
American Reliable$996$1,199$938$1,147$1070
Pacific Property And Casualty$544$1,412$1,071$1,296$1080.75
American Modern$1,219$1,328$967$1,066$1145
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$774$1,530$1,189$1,202$1173.75
MAPFRE Group$910$1,565$1,163$1,218$1214
Stillwater Ins Co$835$1,616$1,256$1,248$1238.75
Cincinnati Ins Co$1,166$1,484$1,133$1,189$1,243
Liberty Ins Corp$802$1,483$1,194$1,526$1251.25
Foremost Insurance$1,384$1,522$1,081$1,193$1,295
General Ins$924$1,772$1,417$1,508$1405.25
Western Mutual/Residence$1,193$1,599$1,238$1,667$1,424.25
American Security$1,287$1,839$1,381$1,669$1,544
Farmers (Fire Ins)$1,200$1,913$1,584$1,726$1,605.75
Privilege Underwriters Exch$1,448$2,011$1,508$1,508$1,618.75
AIG Prop Cas$1,527$1,934$1,487$1,559$1,626.75
Metropolitan Direct$1,414$2,141$1,645$1,725$1,731.25
Horace Mann$1,870$2,494$1,821$1,930$2,028.75
Horace Mann P & C$1,936$2,582$1,888$2,001$2,101.75
Bankers Standard$1,755$2,316$2,153$2,256$2,120

If you have a new home, these companies have the lowest annual homeowners insurance rates for a $400,000 policy.

  1. Mercury Insurance Group ($400)
  2. Pacific Specialty ($464)
  3. Universal North America ($494)
  4. Allstate ($521)
  5. Pacific Property & Casualty ($544)

You can buy the cheapest $400,000 policy for a 7-15 year home from:

  1. Pacific Specialty ($720)
  2. Mercury Insurance Group ($747)
  3. Allstate ($861)
  4. Travelers ($863)
  5. CSAA Insurance Exchange ($941)

But if you’re looking to get a $300,000 policy for your 7-15 year house, the top homeowners insurance companies are:

  1. Pacific Specialty ($555)
  2. Mercury Insurance Group ($591)
  3. Allstate ($639)
  4. Travelers ($692)
  5. Tokio Marine America ($714)

Older houses aged 26-40 years can qualify for a $300,000 policy. The cheapest providers offering them include:

  1. Pacific Specialty ($502)
  2. Mercury Insurance Group ($625)
  3. Allstate ($639)
  4. Travelers ($662)
  5. Tokio Marine America ($714)

Why use our home insurance comparison tool?

Choosing home insurance starts with a good price. Our comparison tool lets you sort through the best and worst home insurance companies in Berkeley, CA based on two important factors:

  • Annual home insurance cost based on home age and policy
  • The company’s average home insurance cost per year, regardless of home age and policy

Take note that actual prices may vary. But you can use our tool to decide which providers are worth your time. We recommend getting in touch with home insurance agents in Berkeley, CA so you can request for more accurate estimates.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Personal Liability?

Yes. Personal liability is covered by most home insurance policies. However, renters and condominium owners would likely find it in their insurance policies as well.

What is personal liability insurance?

This coverage protects the homeowner and insureds from legal and medical liabilities that may arise from accidental injury or property damage to non-insured individuals. Depending on your chosen policy, personal liability insurance can minimize or prevent financial loss altogether.

It can assist with legal expenses, medical bills, settlement, and even death benefits – the costs of which can easily add up. Personal liability insurance can also cover injuries and damages resulting from:

  • Personal belongings and home contents
  • Objects located in your property
  • Common house pets

Coverage won’t be limited to your property, however. You can still be protected from personal liabilities outside an insured home. Before you buy home insurance, talk to your provider about your personal liability coverage.

What Is It Like To Live In Berkeley, CA?

Berkeley is one of the largest earning cities in California. Residents have a median household income of $75,709 which is $18,057 more than what the average American earns. The city has a diverse and educated population. Many of which are either students, faculty, or retirees from the University of California and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

It’s a great city for entrepreneurs and startups, or anyone looking to retire due to its abundance of retirement homes. As for settling down, it would depend on your tastes and level of affordability.

Berkeley has an extensive variety of restaurants and coffee shops, as well as a thriving music and theater scene. However, its nightlife pales in comparison. Houses are expensive and cost an average of $861,800 – nearly twice the state average and more than 4 times the national average. In spite of these, Berkeley is a fairly livable city that provides access to public libraries, schools, and a decent transportation system.


The home insurance costs on this web page were retrieved from the official website of the California Insurance Department. Actual rates may vary from the displayed costs. Only use our website as a general guideline to compare home insurance rates. Statistics involving US cities and states were sourced from the United States Census Bureau website.

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