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Victorville CA Home Insurance Rates

The average price of homeowners insurance in Victorville, CA is about $1,126/yr. It’s a bit steep compared to the state average which is only $986. Though it is $47 cheaper than the U.S. average.

We did a home insurance comparison of various providers in the city. The top 3 cheapest home insurance companies are:

  • Pacific Property & Casualty. Offers the most affordable $400,000 policy for a new house.
  • Mercury Insurance Group. Has the cheapest policies for 7-15 yr houses.
  • Pacific Specialty. Provides the lowest priced $300,000 policy for a 28-40 yr house.

Where To Buy Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Victorville, CA

There are 48 California insurance agencies that sell home insurance in Victorville. We compared their prices and picked companies with the cheapest homeowners insurance.

The 10 best home insurance rates are from:

  1. Mercury Insurance Group ($666.25)
  2. Pacific Property & Casualty ($714.50)
  3. Tokio Marine America ($769.50)
  4. First American Specialty ($782.25)
  5. Pacific Specialty ($782.75)
  6. Allstate ($785.25)
  7. Integon/National ($795)
  8. California Capital ($811.50)
  9. QBE ($870.50)
  10. USAA ($874.75)
CompanyAnnual rate for a new house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $300k coverageAnnual rate for 26-40 yr house & $300k coverageCompany Average
$907.40$1379.33$1071.58$1144.71Victorville Average: $1125.76
Mercury Ins Group$407$872$687$699$666.25
Pacific Property And Casualty$355$936$708$859$714.5
Tokio Marine America$725$935$709$709$769.5
First American Specialty$628$1,027$737$737$782.25
Pacific Specialty$643$1,015$775$698$782.75
California Capital$654$993$791$808$811.5
Western Mutual/Residence$757$1,013$785$1,057$903
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$557$1,241$939$947$921
Amica Mutual$825$1,141$891$891$937
Universal North America$592$1,149$918$1,155$953.5
MAPFRE Group$736$1,265$940$985$981.5
California Casualty$615$1,220$1,026$1,067$982
American Security$813$1,161$872$1,138$996
American Reliable$951$1,144$895$1,094$1021
CSE Safeguard$675$1,218$1,085$1,145$1030.75
IDS Property Casualty$841$1,287$952$1,095$1043.75
ASI Select Ins Corp$739$1,287$1,011$1,175$1053
Aegis Security$936$1,246$934$1,133$1062.25
State Farm$727$1,426$1,088$1,176$1104.25
Horace Mann$1,054$1,406$972$1,030$1115.5
Stillwater Ins Co$765$1,482$1,152$1,145$1136
American Modern$1,219$1,328$967$1,066$1145
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$807$1,594$1,238$1,251$1222.5
Liberty Ins Corp$779$1,461$1,173$1,577$1247.5
General Ins$823$1,578$1,262$1,342$1251.25
Horace Mann P & C$1,206$1,608$1,111$1,178$1,275.75
Cincinnati Ins Co$1,280$1,628$1,240$1,300$1,362
Foremost Insurance$1,455$1,601$1,138$1,256$1,362.5
AIG Prop Cas$1,372$1,736$1,346$1,411$1,466.25
Farmers (Fire Ins)$1,141$1,897$1,534$1,500$1,518
Metropolitan Direct$1,240$1,878$1,442$1,512$1,518
Hartford (Sentinel)$1,187$1,835$1,510$1,773$1,576.25
Bankers Standard$1,559$2,055$1,915$2,006$1,883.75
Privilege Underwriters Exch$1,775$2,466$1,849$1,849$1,984.75

But if you want a cheap $400,000 policy for a new house, you should get it from these companies:

  1. Pacific Property & Casualty ($355)
  2. Mercury Insurance Group ($407)
  3. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($557)
  4. Universal North America ($592)
  5. Allstate ($611)

Companies with the most affordable home insurance yearly cost for a 7-15 yr house with a $400,000 policy are:

  1. Mercury Insurance Group ($872)
  2. Tokio Marine America ($935)
  3. Pacific Property & Casualty ($936)
  4. Integon/National ($983)
  5. QBE ($986)

However, if you decide to opt for a $300,000 policy for your 7-15 yr house, you can get them for cheaper with these providers:

  1. Mercury Insurance Group ($687)
  2. Pacific Property & Casualty ($708)
  3. Tokio Marine America ($709)
  4. First American Specialty ($737)
  5. Integon/National ($740)

For an old 26-40 yr house, you can buy a cheap $300,000 policy from the following:

  1. Pacific Specialty ($698)
  2. Mercury Insurance Group ($699)
  3. Tokio Marine America ($709)
  4. First American Specialty ($737)
  5. Integon/National ($740)

Why use our home insurance comparison tool?

Buying homeowners insurance should begin with an affordable price. With the help of our tool, you can find out which are the best and worst home insurance companies in Victorville, CA based on their rates.

You can use it to discover the yearly home insurance cost offered by each provider. This is extremely important since rates could vary depending on:

What Else Can Homeowners Insurance Cover?

We all know that a standard policy covers the home, belongings, and any attached structure within a property. Most policies will also protect you against personal liabilities, although there could be more than meets the eye.

Below is a list of six more things a home insurance covers:

  • Professional loss assessment. When disaster from a covered peril strikes, the best home insurance companies will help pay for loss assessment. This speeds up the claims process and reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Removal of debris. A decent provider won’t just cover repair and replacement. They too will shoulder the cost of removing debris from your property.
  • Additional living expenses or ALE. Should your home get damaged to the point that becomes unlivable, you have little to worry about if this section is included in your policy. ALE provides financial assistance until your house is repaired.
  • Credit card fraud. You can easily lose hundreds or thousands of dollars to the unauthorized use of credit cards. Thankfully, most providers can provide coverage of up to $500 in fraudulent spending.
  • Identity recovery. Victims of identity theft can rest easy knowing that some home insurance companies will help pay for the cost of recovery.
  • Green home improvement. Few providers are willing to rebuild and repair homes using green, eco-friendly materials in the event of covered loss.

These are just examples of what home insurance can cover. If you want to know the extent of your coverage, ask your provider.

Things To Know Before Moving To Victorville, CA

It’s one of the cheapest places to live in California if you want a home under $500,000. Whereas most state residents pay $443,400 for a home, the average price of houses in Victorville is $177,600. It’s also one of the lowest earning cities in the United States. Local households earn $47,895 a month which is $10,000 less than the average American family. But if you plan to work in nearby cities for higher pay, the only thing you’d have to put up with is traffic.

Victorville, CA has some decent schools and several shopping options for those looking to settle down. The drawbacks? Since it’s a desert city, it gets pretty hot around here, especially in the summers. The nightlife scene is also fairly limited.


The home insurance costs on this web page were retrieved from the official website of the California Insurance Department. Actual rates may vary from the displayed costs. Only use our website as a general guideline to compare home insurance rates. Statistics involving US cities and states were sourced from the United States Census Bureau website.

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