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Antioch CA Home Insurance Rates

Home insurance rates in Antioch, CA can range from $365 to $2,245 per year. But the typical home insurance cost irrespective of coverage is $985/year. It’s close to the average rates in California and $188 cheaper than what the average U.S. citizen pays.

The Best Home Insurance Rates in Antioch, CA

You can buy the lowest priced $400,000 coverage for your new home at Stillwater Insurance Company. If you want to get $300,000 or $400,000 coverage for older homes, Tokio Marine America offers the best bargains.

The best homeowners insurance rates regardless of coverage belong to:

  1. Tokio Marine America ($429.75)
  2. Stillwater Ins Co. ($553)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($569)
  4. Mercury Ins Group ($615.75)
  5. California Capital ($631.75)
  6. CSE Safeguard ($635.75)
  7. Integon/National ($653)
  8. Allstate ($659)
  9. Universal North America ($668)
  10. Stillwater Prop & Cas Co. ($685.75)
CompanyAnnual rate for a new house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $300k coverageAnnual rate for 26-40 yr house & $300k coverageAverage
Average$799.90$1197.71$934.53$1006.29Antioch Average:
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$616$1,374$1,041$1,050$1020.25
Aegis Security$830$1,102$828$1,003$940.75
AIG Prop Cas$1,501$1,901$1,469$1,540$1,602.75
American Modern$1,277$1,392$1,014$1,118$1,200.25
American Reliable$705$845$663$808$755.25
American Security$685$978$734$1,138$883.75
Amica Mutual$947$1,309$1,018$1,018$1073
ASI Select Ins Corp$528$908$720$831$746.75
Bankers Standard$1,549$2,042$1,903$1,993$1,871.75
California Capital$508$774$616$629$631.75
California Casualty$593$1,176$989$1,031$947.25
Cincinnati Ins Co$1,169$1,489$1,136$1,192$1,246.5
CSAA Ins Exch$534$894$779$803$752.5
CSE Safeguard$419$747$668$709$635.75
Farmers (Fire Ins)$1,175$1,886$1,543$1,699$1,575.75
First American Specialty$586$957$687$687$729.25
Foremost Insurance$1,455$1,601$1,138$1,256$1,362.5
General Ins$651$1,248$998$1,060$989.25
Hartford (Sentinel)$834$1,236$1,027$1,235$1083
Horace Mann$955$1,273$898$952$1019.5
Horace Mann P & C$981$1,308$932$988$1052.25
IDS Property Casualty$798$1,220$901$1,038$989.25
Liberty Ins Corp$763$1,401$1,132$1,439$1183.75
MAPFRE Group$604$1,040$773$810$806.75
Mercury Ins Group$400$797$625$641$615.75
Metropolitan Direct$1,482$2,245$1,724$1,808$1,814.75
Pacific Property And Casualty$382$1,002$758$920$765.5
Pacific Specialty$471$731$564$510$569
Privilege Underwriters Exch$1,452$2,016$1,512$1,512$1,623
State Farm$513$1,007$769$832$780.25
Stillwater Ins Co$365$724$563$560$553
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$446$896$697$704$685.75
Tokio Marine America$405$522$396$396$429.75
Universal North America$421$802$643$806$668
Western Mutual/Residence$703$941$729$982$838.75

But if you want the cheapest $400,000 insurance for a new home, these are your best bets:

  1. Stillwater Ins Co. ($365)
  2. Pacific Property & Casualty ($382)
  3. Mercury Ins Group ($400)
  4. Tokio Marine America ($405)
  5. CSE Safeguard ($419)

The same $400,000 policy for a 7-15 year home is most affordable from:

  1. Tokio Marine America ($522)
  2. Stillwater Ins Co. ($724)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($731)
  4. CSE Safegard ($747)
  5. California Capital ($774)

The next best home insurance for a 7-15 year house includes $300,000 worth of coverage. The following providers offer it at great prices:

  1. Tokio Marine America ($396)
  2. Stillwater Ins Co. ($563)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($564)
  4. Integon/National ($608)
  5. California Capital ($616)

A $300,000 policy is also cheap for a 26-40 year home. You can get it at:

  1. Tokio Marine America ($396)
  2. Pacific Specialty ($510)
  3. Stillwater Ins Co. ($560)
  4. Integon National ($608)
  5. California Capital ($629)

Importance of homeowners insurance comparison in Antioch, CA

Your house doesn’t just put a roof over your head. It also keeps your personal belongings safe. Needless to say, it’s your most valuable property. And you should do whatever you can to protect it. Home insurance is designed exactly for this reason.

In Antioch, CA there are 49 agencies offering homeowners insurance. However, their policies aren’t created equal. So they will have varying degrees of coverage at different prices. The purpose of comparing is to identify companies which provide the best coverage for reasonable rates.

3 Simple Ways to Avoid Underinsuring Your Home

Underinsurance is more common than you think. A survey by CoreLogic reveals that 3 out of 5 houses in the U.S. are underinsured. This means that while they have homeowners insurance, they are not adequately covered.

What’s scary is that your house may be underinsured and you just don’t know it. By the time you find out, it might be too late. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid underinsuring.

Tip #1: Do not opt for the minimum home insurance coverage

Getting the lowest coverage possible can be tempting, considering how cheap it is. However, experts recommend that you buy home insurance with at least $300,000 coverage. Spending $50 to $100 less on cheaper policy isn’t worth it. You can save more money by raising your deductibles for a slightly higher insurance cost.

Tip #2: Upgrade your home insurance policy as needed

Renovating your home increases its value. So does adding structures to your property like a deck, woodstove, or pool. But if you’re already insured, your current policy may not be enough to cover the increase in your property’s value. Your insurance provider might also refuse to cover them if you file for claims.

Always inform your home insurance provider of any changes to your home structure and property. That way, they can notify you if you need to upgrade or update your policy.

Tip #3: Update your inventory of personal belongings

Homeowners insurance can help pay for the replacement cost of your personal property. Providers usually take it out of your policy limit, or they base it around the replacement value of your home. In most cases, your personal belongings will have the same deductibles as your dwellings coverage.

Try to maintain a current list of your belongings and keep your home insurance company on the loop. If possible, take photos of your personal property and hang on to receipts. These should make claims settlement easier for you.

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Antioch, CA

Antioch is among California’s fastest growing cities. From 2010 to 2017, it saw an 8.7 percent growth from 102,745 residents to 111,674. California only grew by 6.1 percent in the same period, while the rest of the country averaged to 5.5 percent. If you think this means it’s a bustling city, it’s not.

This is not the kind of place you’d want to settle down if you’re after cultural diversity and a plethora of options for food and entertainment. Bay Area cities have more culture to offer. But if you enjoy historical places and hiking, and wouldn’t mind the mild winters and hot summers, then it’s worth considering. It’s also a decent place for young families given its many schools.

Antioch, CA is known for its low-cost houses and above-average income. Residents have a median household income of nearly $70,000 compared to $67,169 in California and $57,652 in the United States. Housing units average at almost $331,000 while the state has houses valued at $443,400. There are even residents who have gotten houses at Antioch for much lower and within the $80,000 to $100,000 range.


The home insurance costs on this web page were retrieved from the official website of California Insurance Department. Actual rates may vary from the displayed costs. Only use our website as a general guideline to compare home insurance rates. Statistics involving US cities and states were sourced from the United States Census Bureau website.

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