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Homeowners insurance coverage and electrical wiring

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Electrical Wiring?

Older homes are harder to insure because of the risk posed by their age. One of these risks is related to older wires because they pose a higher chance of fire. It is suggested that homes undergo electrical rewiring every decade, but what happens if you don’t get one? What are the signs that a home may need electrical rewiring? What types of electrical wiring pose a higher risk? All of your questions will be answered as you read this article.

Signs that your Home needs Electrical Rewiring

If you think that the electrical wires in your home need rewiring, you are probably right. However, there are sure-fire signs that your home is really in need of electrical wiring. First, you will notice a burning smell that rarely goes away. If you notice a persistent burning smell, it is important to turn off the power from the main source to prevent fire.

Another warning sign is constant flickering light and tripping circuit breakers. This means that your electrical source can no longer handle the amount of electrical flow around your home. It is also essential to check your outlet as it may uncover your need for electrical wiring. Your outlet may show signs of wear and tear or it may become discolored. You may think that electrical shocks are common when plugging your appliances, but it is not. It is one surefire sign that your wires need to be changed.

The Danger of Early Electrical Wirings to your Home

If your electrical wiring is older than a decade, you need to have them rewired. It is also important to rewire if your wiring is knob-and-tube wiring or if it is made with aluminum. This is because this type of wiring is more prone to fire. Aluminum wires tend to overheat, which can easily lead to a fire.

On top of that, aluminum wires deteriorate easily due to oxidation. It is also prone to excessive vibration and they are also less ductile. Aluminum wires come with high electrical resistance, but it even becomes more resistant due to aluminum’s high malleability. In case you are planning for electrical rewiring, it is better to use copper wires as they carry less risk of fire.

Electrical Rewiring Insurance Coverage

As we have discussed, if your home has an aluminum electrical wiring system, it carries a higher risk for fire. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get insurance for your home. This simply means that if there is a higher risk, the price of the insurance premium will also be higher.

So, what do you do with your old electrical wiring?

It is best to have it checked by a licensed electrician. In case you had your wiring replaced, you can inform your insurance company and apply for a new-wiring credit.

Your homeowners insurance will cover your electrical wiring, but the coverage may vary depending on several factors. If you know that your home is older, you will need to get electrical rewiring. This will not only help minimize your home insurance premium, but it can also protect your home against fire and accidents.

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