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Does Home Insurance Cover Locksmiths?

If you got locked out from your home, your standard homeowners insurance will not cover the costs of locksmiths, unless you have locksmiths endorsement included in your policy.

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Most people can relate to having a forgetful day and locking themselves out of their homes. This happens on occasion when we are in a rush or simply drop our keys on the way out. When you lock yourself out of your home, you need to call a locksmith to help you get back in. So, does home insurance cover locksmith fees?

Your basic homeowners insurance policy will not cover locksmith services in most instances. If you have a locksmith endorsement, you may be entitled to locksmith coverage. Additionally, if certain covered perils result in the need for a locksmith may also be covered by your home insurance, as keys to a home are considered personal property.

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Understanding the fine lines between covered locksmith instances and uncovered locksmith instances can be hard. Keep reading below for more detailed examples to help you determine whether your locksmith fees will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Key facts
  • A simple lockout is not covered by homeowners insurance.
  • Your homeowners insurance will cover a locksmith if a lock is damaged due to a covered peril.
  • Some insurance providers offer locksmith/lockout endorsements.

Scenarios in which a locksmith is covered

Insurance has many caveats, and as such, it is hard to discern whether or not your locksmith fees will be covered for your home. Below are some examples and explanations of instances in which a locksmith service would be covered by your home insurance.

  • Theft. If somebody mugs you, and you lose the keys to your home, you will likely be stuck locked out and in need of a new key and locks for safety. Your keys are considered personal property for insurance purposes. Personal property coverage is included as coverage type C on your home insurance policy.
  • Break-in. If a robber or burglar breaks into your home and destroys your lock, door, or similar mechanism, you will need to replace them. When this is the case, your home insurance policy will cover the damage, as it would be considered vandalism. Vandalism is one of the 16 named covered perils.
  • Covered peril. Similar to burglary, if another covered peril occurs and ruins your door or its locking mechanism, and you need to call a locksmith out to fix or replace the hardware, the insurance company will pay for this repair as part of the claim. This is because the damage is a direct result of a covered peril.
  • You have an endorsement. Some insurance companies offer locksmith or lockout endorsements. This provides extra coverage for those who frequently lose their keys. It is also common for landlords as they change locks often after tenants. This endorsement will cost additional money, and coverage may be limited.

It can be surprising to know that there are cases in which a locksmith service would be covered under your policy. In order to be sure, it is always a good idea to check in with your homeowners insurance provider to understand the coverage.

Is it worth the claim?

Before submitting a claim for locksmith services, it is important to stop and consider the cost of the locksmith in relation to your deductible and insurance history. If you do not have a lot of claims, and the bill isn’t too outrageous, it may be better to pay out of pocket. 

Also, many home insurance policies require a deductible. This deductible is $500-$2,000 on average. Many locksmith’s services fall under the cost of the total deductible required by insurance. Since this is the case, a claim may be accepted, but insurance will not provide a check because the fees are so low and do not make it over the deductible.

Under lock and key

When it comes to paying for locksmith services, it is not likely to be covered by homeowners insurance, especially if you just forgot your key at home. Look for alternatives such as smart locks, and push pin locks with override keys. This allows you multiple ways to get into your home without needing to call a locksmith in case of a lockout. 

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