Home Insurance in Pasco County, FL: Companies & Premiums

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Home Insurance in Pasco County, FL: Companies & Premiums
Home in Dade City, FL located in Pasco County 📸 via Zillow

Pasco County is located halfway down the Gulf Coast of Florida’s peninsular and is among the most populous counties in Florida, and as of 2019, the US Census Bureau estimates the county has over 550,000 residents. The county is made up of several of the state’s mid-sized cities as well as several parks and natural attractions.

Living in Pasco

As of 2018, Pasco County has a median household income of $50,417, which is roughly 20 percent lower than the national median. Property values in the county line up with the income level, as according to Zillow, the median home value as of March 2020 is just under $200,000.

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The largest communities in Pasco County include Dade City, Port Richey, and Zephyrhills. The county also has a number of higher education institutions within its limits, such as Trinity College of Florida, Webster College, and Pasco-Hernando State College.

Home Insurance Premiums in Pasco County

In Pasco County, the average home insurance premiums for homes that are worth $150,000 and $300,000 are considerably higher compared to state and country-wide averages, likely because of the county’s vulnerable position on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

In this area of Florida, tropical storms during hurricane season can have devastating effects on your property, which makes the financial risk home insurance take on by insuring you higher. As a result, these companies determine that they need to charge homeowners in the area higher insurance premiums to make a profit. 

However, as the chart below shows, having wind mitigation features can partially mitigate the expense of this location-based pricing, and for pre-2001 homes worth $150,000, having wind mitigation can reduce the cost of your premium by over $1,150.

Average Homeowners Premiums in Pasco County

Construction TypeHome ValueAverage Premium
Pre-2001 (No Wind Mitigation)$150,000$3,362.33
Pre-2001 (With Wind Mitigation)$150,000$2,189.78
New Construction$300,000$3,713.81
Overall Average$3,088.64

Given these extremely expensive policies, you’ll want to do all you can to bring down your premium costs, and a simple way you can do so if by avoiding signing on for an overpriced policy in the first place, rather than relying on internal discounts from bundling or security features.

Data from Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation reveals the overall home insurance average for this county to be $3,089. Listed below you can see the insurance companies which have recently had the lowest average premiums in Pasco, and these figures reveal that homeowners who comparison shop to find the lowest prices can potentially save between $1,200 and $2,000, depending on the type of home they have, the company they use, and the specific policy they choose.

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 without wind mitigation, the average premium is $3,362.

Cheaper options include:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction Without Wind Mitigation Rate in Pasco County

CompanyAnnual Premium
Tower Hill Prime$2,105
First Community$2,123
Florida Farm$2,350
Tower Hill Preferred$2,386
First Protective$2,493
Tower Hill Signature$2,537
Tower Hill Select$2,607
Security First$2,679
Liberty Mutual$2,731
American Traditions$2,743
St. Johns$2,842
Florida Peninsula$2,911
People's Trust$2,927
Family Security$2,947
American Integrity$3,178
Castle Key$3,196
Southern Fidelity$3,702
Southern Oak$4,282
Florida Family$5,414
State Farm Florida$8,251
Auto Club Florida$9,323

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 with wind mitigation, the average premium is $2,190.

Cheaper options include:

  • Florida Farm – $933
  • Universal – $990
  • FedNat – $1,010
  • First Protective – $1,114

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction With Wind Mitigation Rate in Pasco County

CompanyAnnual Premium
Florida Farm$933
First Protective$1,114
Tower Hill Prime$1,248
Liberty Mutual$1,318
St. Johns$1,441
First Community$1,458
Tower Hill Preferred$1,500
People's Trust$1,557
Castle Key$1,602
American Traditions$1,603
Tower Hill Select$1,604
Tower Hill Signature$1,706
Florida Peninsula$1,779
Security First$1,996
American Integrity$2,018
Family Security$2,045
Southern Oak$2,115
Southern Fidelity$2,583
Florida Family$4,371
State Farm Florida$6,971
Auto Club Florida$7,860

For $300,000 homes with new construction, the average premium is $3,714.

Cheaper options include:

  • Florida Farm – $1,692
  • FedNat – $1,870
  • Stillwater – $1,952
  • Universal – $1,969

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $300,000, New Construction in Pasco County

CompanyAnnual Premium
Florida Farm$1,693
First Protective$2,230
Tower Hill Prime$2,401
St. Johns$2,431
First Community$2,513
Southern Oak$2,534
Tower Hill Select$2,548
American Traditions$2,581
Castle Key$2,613
Tower Hill Preferred$2,649
People's Trust$2,782
Liberty Mutual$2,907
Florida Peninsula$3,040
Tower Hill Signature$3,193
Family Security$3,301
Security First$3,485
American Integrity$3,586
Southern Fidelity$5,147
Florida Family$8,105
Auto Club Florida$10,232
State Farm Florida$11,787

Flood Insurance in Pasco

Because living on the Gulf Coast comes with the risk of damage to your home during hurricane season, if you plan on purchasing a home in Pasco County, you’ll also need to purchase an additional policy for flood insurance to adequately provide financial protection for your home.

Florida home insurance policies won’t cover flooding damage, but regional insurance companies that operate in Pasco County, such as FedNat and  First Protective have policies available through the federal National Flood Insurance Program and choosing to get both home and flood insurance policies from a single company can help simplify your payments and future claims.

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