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Homeowners Insurance Discount For Security Cameras

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Homeowners Insurance Discount For Security Cameras

There are certain cases in which security cameras reduce insurance costs. While not every single security measure you take on your home can lead to a lower insurance rate, insurance companies can offer discounts based on what alarms you have installed along with your cameras. Home insurers typically like seeing well installed security systems in homes. For the discount, most insurers insist that the security cameras be set up with an alarm system and strong deadbolt locks. 

Why? Homes without security cameras are 300% more likely to be broken into. And since it’s the insurance companies responsibility to assist during a burglary, it makes sense to reduce the cost of insurance for homeowners with a security system in place. The fewer claims that are made, the greater the insurance company profits. 

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It is important to note, however, that a security camera alone isn’t likely to completely reduce insurance costs and that the whole security system is likely what will reduce premiums. Sometimes, this is also because it’s difficult for companies to verify that security cameras are in the home and running at all times. The alarm system is a crucial part of this. Unless security cameras are visible, they are unlikely to deter burglaries as effectively as a well-wired alarm system would. 

How To Obtain The Discount

To obtain this discount, you have to first notify your insurance company that you have installed a security system. They will then ask for details of what type you have, and proof that the cameras are installed. Security cameras are overall beneficial. They offer peace of mind for homeowners, and they make it easy for the police to see who entered the home in case of a robbery or burglary. This increases the chances of being able to find the criminal and get back your belongings, saving more money in that way as well. They are also the best way to get concrete evidence, which a lack thereof is a reason only 13% of burglaries get fully solved. 

Pricing and Other Discount Factors

While it varies depending on what system you have and what insurance you have, prices can be reduced from 5-20%. There are specific requirements or bigger discounts for certain systems. For instance, State Farm grants homeowners with a 15% discount if you have a security system in place that notifies emergency personnel, and only a 7% discount if you have a security system that just notifies the people who live in the home. Other factors also determine how much of a discount you will get. The crime rate in the area you live in, the distance of your home to first responders and hydrants, the history of claims in your neighborhood, etc. The safer your home is, the more likely you are to get a discount. 

Regardless of the insurance benefits, security cameras are a good tool to protect your home. If you want the insurance benefit, you are best installing a verifiable alarm system as well. 


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