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United Home Insurance Review

United Home Insurance Review

United Home Insurance Review

Getting their start as a fire insurance company in rural Arkansas, United Home Insurance has expanded their policies and locations. United Home focuses on auto insurance but also offers basic homeowners and farm protection policies. They’ve expanded operations and started the process of developing their policies to fit more locations.

United Home overview

United Home Insurance is an insurance company that began in Arkansas. Founded in 1914, United Home was originally a farmers insurance company known as “Farmers Tri-County Mutual Fire Association.” For most of their life, United Home has been servicing Arkansas, remaining a home and farm insurance company. In 2007, United Home – at this point they were named Farmers Home Mutual – merged with a company in Oklahoma.

Once they merged and expanded into Oklahoma, they changed their name to United Home and began to focus on auto insurance policies. Now, United Home operates in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas offering basic home and auto insurance policies to their customers. United Home also provides farm insurance policies to remain loyal to their original purposes. They have stuck with casualty insurance ever since adding these policies in 1978.

Being based out of Paragould, Arkansas, United Home still operates only in the three listed states with no plans of expanding further. They are a small company but a decently experienced one with over 100 years of operation. United Home offers policies through independent agents in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. This means finding information online is difficult and might require you to request a quote before you find out what premiums they will offer you. To find out more, you may wish to consider speaking with a local agent who offers their policies.

Financial situation – rates and claims

United Home offers customers the basics when it comes to insurance policies. They specialize in home and auto insurance but also provide farm owners policies. Their home insurance policies can be modified with add-ons and extra coverage options including dwelling and fire. They also claim to cover renters properties and allow you to bundle your home and farm insurance into one policy. In terms of auto insurance, not much information can be found. They operate through independent agents so finding out what exactly you’ll be covered for might have to happen through them. Roadside assistance is promised but to what extent you’ll be covered is still unclear.

Their farm owners insurance is similar to their homeowners policy as they both offer basic and comprehensive coverage for the structure and contents. United Home is looking to provide their customers with the support and security of a well-protected home and farm. Still, in recent years, they have begun to focus more on their auto insurance policies.

As a smaller company, United Home will offer some decently high insurance premiums. This is to be expected from an insurance company of this size but the exact rates you can expect must be obtained through an agent. Most of their rates information is not listed on their website and will vary from agent to agent. Also, because policies are purchased through an agent, you could expect a higher price because of the agent’s commission.

Claims can be done online, through email, or over a toll-free phone line. Much information on claims is also not listed online as you will have to file them through your agent. United Home offers a network of recommended service companies to help repair your claim. This can be found through the United Home Direct repair network.

Consumer reviews

United Home has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. There aren’t that many customer reviews to be found, but the ones that do exist are relatively positive. Customers site the fact that United Home responds quickly and efficiently to claims and will take care of their customers. Many of the negative reviews seem to say the opposite; it takes United Home a long time to service claims, and they can be unresponsive.

It’s hard to decide which reviews to base an opinion off of as they both claim the opposite of each other. There are more positive reviews which are rather surprising but it’s still smart to take into account the negative reviews. Their service may be based on where you’re looking to file your claim. Arkansas’ wing might be quicker than Oklahoma’s and customers of the latter may be the ones writing the negative reviews.

United Home seems to have a decently positive consumer report which can be uncommon for a company of this size. Their age and experience warrant any bugs being fixed in their process but finding a company that is responsive and competent like the reviews seem to state can be rare.

Pros and cons

United Home has a pretty good review when it comes to customer satisfaction. They seem to service the claims quickly and respond to any concerns customers may have. They might be regional, but they are experienced.

United Home does seem to be a rather basic insurance company, not offering a ton of discounts or added options. If you’re looking for a regional insurance company that offers a basic policy, United Home might be a good fit for you.

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