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Universal Property and Casualty Home Insurance Review (2023)

Universal Property is the most popular home insurance provider in Florida. They also offer insurance in 18 other states. Universal Property offers its clients several different types of homeowners policies with many additional coverages available to customize your plan.

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Premiums 3
Claims 2
Customer Satisfaction 2
Financial Standing 5
  • Many discounts available.
  • Plenty of optional coverages.
  • Great financial stability.
  • Bad reputation for handling claims.
  • High NAIC complaint index and complaints in online reviews.
  • Only available in 19 states.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Universal Property and Casualty Insurance was founded in 1997. The company now serves 19 states and provides a variety of different insurance products. Universal Property is the most popular insurance company in Florida, as its market share is around 9.7%. They insure around 600,000 Florida homes.

When choosing Universal for insurance, you have the option to get homeowners insurance, condominium insurance, renters insurance, and landlord insurance. They offer several different types of homeowners policies that are suitable for traditional homes as well as high-value homes. They also offer HO-5 coverage, which is a type of homeowners insurance policy that focuses on covering the dwelling and personal belongings on an open perils basis. It is one of the most comprehensive homeowners policies you can purchase.

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Universal is notorious for helping the local community. They have placed an emphasis on doing community outreach projects and assisting those who have been through storms and other natural disasters. They appear to be very involved and willing to help those in need. These factors translate to the way they aim to help their insurance customers.

Types of Universal Property homeowners insurance policies

When you get a homeowners insurance policy through Universal, you have the option to select a policy that best suits your needs. All of the policies come with coverages for dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, personal liability, and medical payments.

  • HO-2: This policy covers 16 named perils and is usually cheaper than a traditional HO-3 policy
  • HO-3: The standard policy form for homeowners insurance that covers the dwelling and other structures on an open-peril basis.
  • HO-5: A policy with broader limits that covers both the home, detached buildings, and personal belongings on an open peril basis.
  • HO-8: A policy that is meant for older homes. It is a simplified homeowners insurance coverage and covers only 10 named perils.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can find a policy that best suits your needs through Universal. You can either choose to work with Universal through an agent or directly. They have an online quoting tool that allows you to input your information to get a customized quote.

Additional coverages

The company offers many different coverage forms, but they also offer additional coverage for your home if you choose. 

This is a wide range of options to choose from, and you can find out more about any of these coverages when you opt to build a quote through Universal. Any of these coverages can be added to each of the homeowners coverage forms they offer. These options are meant to enhance the homeowners policies that are offered, giving you extra protection.

Universal Property home insurance discounts

There are many discounts that are offered by Universal if you are looking to save money on your premium. If you qualify for any of these, you can cut the cost of your policy.

  • Protective devices: Having alarm systems in place may qualify you for this discount. Some examples include central fire alarms, burglar alarms, and other protective devices for your home.
  • Loyalty: Being a loyal customer of Universal will earn you a discount over time.
  • Auto companion: If you purchase an auto policy through Universal, you will qualify for this multi-policy discount.
  • Prior insurance: Having an existing homeowners insurance policy in place can also earn you a discount when you purchase a policy through Universal.
  • New roof: Having a new or updated roof will earn you a discount.
  • Sprinkler system: Much like having an alarm system, you can also get a discount for having a sprinkler system installed.
  • Fortified for safer living: Having a fortified designation for your home can earn you a discount through Universal.
  • Occupants over 65: Being over 65 years old will earn you a discount through Universal.
  • Wind mitigation: If you live in an area where this is applicable, you may earn a discount by having wind mitigation implements installed to protect your home.

Universal Property homeowners insurance premiums

It is hard to estimate how expensive Universal Property’s homeowners insurance premiums are. Customer reviews are also inconclusive. There are some customers who are praising Universal Property for affordable premiums and fair rates, while there are also many complaints that the premiums are going up with each renewal.

According to Kin, on average you can expect to pay $1,932 annually for Universal Property’s homeowners insurance. This is for a $300,000 dwelling coverage limit. Kin claims that this is 42% higher than Kin’s average premium. We take this number with a grain of salt as Kin is one of Universal Property’s competitors. This average premium most likely does not include any of the discounts, so you might be able to lower this amount if you qualify for some of the many discounts Universal offers. The best way to find out the cost of the insurance is to get a customized quote.

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Claims experience

When it comes to handling claims, Universal Property does not have the best reputation. There have been reports of many customers going through hurricanes and having difficulties getting claims covered. One customer states that they were actually unable to receive any payment from Universal after going through a major hurricane.

There are other customers who have experienced water damage and were left waiting for months for the company to respond to the claim. Their communication in this department appears to be lacking and is not focused on providing efficient service to those who need it most.

Customer satisfaction

There are some positive reviews stating that Universal is great at handling customer service inquiries, but the negative reviews definitely seem to outweigh these. Similar to those who have experienced claims, customers are left frustrated with the company and its lack of communication. They appear to be difficult to get in touch with and do not excel when it comes to servicing policies.

According to the NAIC, the national average on their complaint index is 1.0. Universal Property and Casualty comes in at 50.94 for all of their insurance products in 2022, which is significantly higher in terms of receiving complaints from customers. Their homeowners insurance has a complaint index of 11.09 for 2022, which is a bit lower, but it is still very high. This is definitely a concerning factor to keep in mind and makes sense given the amount of negative feedback left by customers online.

On Google, Universal Property and Casualty has received a 3.4-star rating from 2,043 reviews. This rating has been retrieved on May 5th, 2023.

Financial strength


Universal has been accredited through the Better Business Bureau since October 2016. They have an A+ rating, which is the best rating a company can receive regarding financial stability.


Through Demotech, Universal has earned an A rating. This is seen as an exceptional rating in terms of financial stability as a company.

The verdict

Universal appears to be a promising insurance carrier with a lot to offer. They insure many different types of homes, from traditional dwellings to rented properties. With the array of additional coverage options, you are able to build a policy that protects your home efficiently. They also offer a lot of discounts, which gives you the ability to save money on your premium.

While their coverage is good and the company appears to do great things for the local community, their customer service is lacking. Many customers are upset by the lack of communication that is present. Those who have filed claims are also quick to leave negative reviews because of denials, lack of payments, and lengthy inconveniences.

If you are looking for a homeowners insurance policy, you can find what you are looking for through Universal. They are a financially solid company but be cautioned when making this choice. It is likely you will not be covered if you must file a claim, and it appears that even making simple policy changes will not be easy when you go with Universal.

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