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Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Dishwasher?

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Dishwasher?

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Dishwasher?

Our kitchen poses a higher risk for water damage because our kitchen will always need a decent water supply. Since the dishwasher is connected to a water supply, it exposes our home to a greater risk of water damage. Water damage caused by a broken dishwasher will lead to damage to the property. There are also cases wherein a prolonged water leak can lead to mold buildup, which results in health issues for those living in the property.

In short, as your dishwater leaks, your expenses will also pile up. However, you don’t have to worry since your insurance company will cover for the water damage if your dishwasher breaks or has a leak. Now, you can breathe easy.

But, wait… Will this coverage be absolute?

Well, no. Your insurance company will only cover the damage if it is sudden and accidental. When your insurance company finds out that your dishwasher is old, the chances of filing a successful claim will be reduced. On top of that, if the insurance company finds you to be negligent, your insurance company won’t cover for the damage.

When will I be considered negligent?

You must notify your insurance company as soon as you have noticed the water damage in your property. If you’re aware of the signs of water damage near your dishwasher, you must conduct due diligence to verify if there is a leak.

If my insurance company denies my claim, can I ask them to reconsider my application?

Yes. However, you will need to show proof that you have exercised due diligence. You can show them documents regarding the routine checkup done on your property. In addition to this, you can show proof that your appliances are well-maintained. You can even show the warranty card of your dishwasher if the warranty hasn’t expired yet.

Top Signs of Water Damage from Dishwasher

In order to prevent being labeled as negligent, you need to be wary of the signs of water damage in your property. If you suspect that your dishwasher is leaking, you should inspect the surface near your dishwasher and look for the common signs of water damage.

Water Stains

If you notice discoloration on the walls near your dishwasher, there is an increased chance that there is a leak near the area.

Foul Smell

If you notice that there is a musty smell that lingers around your home, it is likely that there are molds that have formed due to the presence of stagnant water in the area.


This is probably the most obvious sign of water damage. If you find a flooded area near your dishwasher, it is because there is a leak in the area.

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