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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Explosions?

Yes, damage from explosions is covered by homeowners insurance. Even basic named-peril policies such as HO-1 and HO-2 include it in the list of covered perils.

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Many modern homes are being built with gas hookups as an option. Natural gas has become a popular alternative to oil and electric heating sources. Due to its flammable and somewhat dangerous nature, homeowners begin to wonder, does homeowners insurance cover explosions?

Explosions are one of the covered perils in standard homeowners insurance policies. As long as a nuclear event does not cause the explosion, the policy will cover the repair and damage to the home that resulted from the explosion. 

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Even though explosions are frightening, they are always a possibility, even if you do not have gas in your home. Keep reading to learn about explosions and how your insurance policy will handle them.

Key facts
  • Most standard homeowners insurance policies cover explosions since it is one of the 10 covered perils in basic HO-1 policies.
  • Explosions caused by a nuclear hazard, war, or illegal activities are not covered.
  • Damage from explosions caused by natural disasters is covered by your insurance.

Types of covered explosions

It is likely that when you think of explosions, you will immediately think of bombs and nuclear weapons. However, when it comes to homeowners insurance, these types of explosions will not be covered. However, there are different types of explosions that can happen to your home.

Inside explosions

There is a possibility that there will be an explosion if you have propane or gas appliances in your home. This could occur because there could be a leak, or a line or appliance may have been installed incorrectly. If the gas or propane reaches the air, and if a source of heat or spark hits it, it can result in an explosion, causing damage to your home.

It is important to understand that when this type of explosion occurs, it will be covered under the standard homeowner’s policy. The homeowner will be given a check for the assessed damage as per the policy’s limitations, less their deductible.

Outside explosions

A standard homeowners insurance policy will likely cover any damages caused to your home by an explosion that occurs at a nearby manufacturing company or another house that causes damage to your home as a result of an explosion.

Additionally, if an outside explosion cuts power, or causes damage to your roof or land, homeowners insurance will cover these unexpected costs, as they originate from a covered peril that is unexpected and unforeseen.

Earth movement and water damage explosions

Standard home insurance policies will not cover damage directly caused by an earthquake or flooding, but they will cover an explosion that is the result of the aftermath of a flood or an earthquake. This is because the earthquake or flood itself did not cause damage to the home, but the explosion itself caused the damage.

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Explosions that are not covered

When it comes to your homeowner’s insurance policy and explosion coverage, there are a few exceptions that you need to be aware of. Specifically, the following types of explosions are not covered by your policy:

  • Acts of war. You may think of bombs, nuclear weapons, and grenades when you think of this.
  • Nuclear hazard. There will be no coverage for the explosion if it occurs as a result of a nuclear event or hazard.
  • Intentional explosions by the insured. If you try to blow up your own home, the insurance company will deny your claim.
  • Illicit activities. The insurance company will deny your claim if you blow up your home due to taking part in illegal activities that result in the explosion.

The types of explosions that are excluded from homeowners insurance are rare, but they can happen, and it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a policy and to be aware of the surroundings when you buy a house.

Insurance has you covered

Almost all explosions that cause damage to your home or property will be covered by your home insurance. This is important because you never know what is going to happen in life. Please remember that explosions are a covered peril, so before you panic because the home you’re thinking of buying has gas, keep in mind that the home is likely to be safe and secure, and you shouldn’t panic.

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