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Island Insurance Homeowners Review

Island Insurance Homeowners Review

Island Insurance Homeowners Review

Island Insurance was founded by Masayuki Tokioka nearly 80 years ago in Honolulu implementing a motto for their clients of “Always here to help”.  Island Holdings, Inc. is their parent company, and Tradewind and Island Premier Insurance Companies are their subsidiaries. They have grown into the largest property and casualty company that is locally owned and operated in Hawaii and have also achieved the Top 50 spot for property and casualty in the nation for over 12 consecutive years.

Their products are sold through local independent agents with an offering of auto, home, and specialized plans for individuals.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Standard Homeowners Coverage

Their website doesn’t offer any specifics on costs or quotes except to say that each home is unique and you need to call to speak to an agent to find out how to get the right price and value for your particular property. They do pride themselves on having the experience and skill of being able to cost-effectively and properly insure coastal properties which serve up unusual complexities and can be difficult to insure with many agents deferring from the market. They claim they have been able to maintain their expertise and expedite their clients’ needs without skipping a beat.

They provide the package with their standard homeowners policy to include the home along with the contents, the personal liability, and the loss of use. They also allow you to customize with riders as your need demands.

Condo & Renters

Condominium and renters insurance are both available and most likely offer the same general type of package deal as the homeowners as far as the contents, loss of use, liability. There are no specific details provided with these policies, though.


  • Multi-policy
  • Fire protection system discount
  • Loyal Customer discount
  • Age of dwelling discount, less than 20 years old


In the event that the personal liability protection part of the homeowners standard plan doesn’t satisfy results of a bodily injury or property damage from an accident or injury to a guest while visiting, an umbrella policy will give you the cushion that you need to supplement that plan. With Island Insurance, the premiums begin low at $150 annually with coverage limits in the range of $1 million to $5 million. 

ID Theft Resolution

Many victims of ID theft aren’t sure how to even begin handling the situation or where to go to get help. Island Insurance provides this service free with the homeowners policy and it is powered by Cyberscout who is known to be the nation’s leader in fraud education and identity management. The fraud experts who are highly trained and experienced guide you through the steps one-on-one until your identity is restored fully.  

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Most standard homeowners plans won’t cover equipment that is essential to operating your home efficiently such as air conditioning, heating, and computers. Island Insurance provides this coverage with the homeowners policy at no additional cost. It extends coverage to all of the necessary home systems as well as personal property due to loss by an electrical or mechanical break. There is no need for separate fees or warranties to manage.

Flood Coverage

Island Insurance offers flood insurance by way of the National Flood Insurance Program.


Claims can’t be filed online with Island Insurance but there are two different toll-free numbers available for you to report a claim depending on the island where your home is located. You need to go on the site and download the claim form in order to have it returned to the adjusters by way of email or regular mail.


Island Insurance has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 1984 and has received an A+ with the group.  


Finding reviews online for Island Insurance proved tricky, the few that were found were very positive, specific to the adjusters and the customer service staff being prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly.  Each of the policyholders indicated they would highly recommend Island Insurance for the way they personalized their treatment and followed up with each claim until it progressed through to the end. They also were impressed with the significant amount of coverage that they provide for their homeowners with moderately priced rates and excellent service. Overall, the consensus for home insurance was that they provide excellent coverage.

Island Insurance seems like they stand by their motto according to the reviews that were available. They do make themselves always available to help. With each review, there was a response from the insurance company.

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