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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Rodent Damage?

Rodents may seem small, but they may be able to cause huge damage to your home. Since 40% of the mammal species is part of the rodent family, it may seem fair that you fear that they will be taking over your home soon.

Regardless, if the damage to property is caused by house rats, beavers, hamsters, beavers, chipmunks, porcupines, or squirrels, you may file for an insurance claim. However, there are instances where your policy can’t cover for the damage. Find out the instances wherein your home insurance policy will not cover for rodent damage.

Common Damages Caused by Rodents

  1. Rodents are known for being ferocious when it comes to chewing. They will chew on your personal property and even items with a high value. Since they can chew on almost everything, it may be too late before the homeowner notices the damage caused by the rodents.
  2. Other homeowners have reported that rodents have destroyed their wires, which increases the chance of fire. Since the wires are exposed, the risk for fire may also increase significantly.
  3. Stronger rodents may be able to bite pipes and it may be able to cause flooding when water begins to leak. Regardless if the hole is small, water may still leak and the longer this goes on, there is a higher risk for property damage.
  4. If the rodent has made a residence of your home, their nests can be made from materials chewed off your property. Moreover, they may also carry in diseases and bacteria with them. If they live in ducts, the structure may be compromised. However, the damage might be even greater since rodents may bring in diseases.
  5. When rodents touch your food, it may pose health issues that may eventually lead to food poisoning. There are also diseases caused by exposure to rodents. HPS and Leptospirosis may happen if open wounds come in contact with rat urine or poop. There are even known instances where exposure to rats and other rodents can cause fatality.

Will my Homeowners Insurance cover for Damages caused by Rodents?

As we have discussed the potential damages caused by rodents, you may be thinking, “Will my policy cover for these damages?” The answer is subjective. There are times when your claim can be approved, especially if you have done preventive measures. Your claim may also be easily approved if you took it upon yourself to contact the insurance company at the first sign of troubles.

The key to the approval of an insurance claim is making sure that you didn’t let the damage get on for too long. If you have noticed a leak in your property, you must seal them off immediately. When you find traces of rat poop, it is best to find the source and exterminate the rats or find another home for them.

How do I protect my home from Rodents?

First, rodents hate cleanliness. A clean home isn’t a home that is ideal for rodents. If you keep your home clean, you may be able to prevent the rodents from taking up permanent residence in your property.

Next, if you don’t want unwanted guests, you need to make sure that the doors are closed. By doors, we mean any entrances that may allow rodents in. The rats need to know that they are not welcome in your home.

If all these don’t work, there are always rodent repellents that can do the trick. However, if the damage is far too much to handle, it is best to leave the work in the hands of the expert. Pest control solution is a viable option that can save you your sanity and your property.

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