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State Auto Home Insurance Review

State Auto Home Insurance Review

State Auto Home Insurance Review

State Auto Insurance Companies is an Ohio-based insurance provider offering home insurance, automotive, commercial/business and umbrella insurance policies. State Auto Insurance is one of the oldest-standing insurance companies in the United States – it was founded in 1921 and operates for almost 100 years. State Auto currently provides coverage in 33 states, and their most popular policies are their home insurance and automotive insurance policies. State Auto is listed on the Trusted Company partner list.

Company Overview

Start Auto was founded by Robert Pein, an Ohio-based entrepreneur who was fed up with high insurance policies and claims that weren’t covered fully – he vowed to set up his company on principles of interactive customer service; thus the company’s motto was to provide personal customer support to every client. The founder of State Auto expanded the company by offering very low insurance rates and maximum payouts. State Auto quickly expanded to build a strong foundation and serve communities in over 33 states.

State Auto is currently one of the largest insurance companies in the United States – State Auto’s reserves reach $4.6B and they are currently writing out $2B in yearly premiums, in all 33 states. State Auto does not sell their insurance policies directly, the company employs a network of independent agents who sell them in the states they service. Clients have to enter their zip code and find their nearest agents in order to receive a quote. State Auto is located in Columbus, OH.

State Auto home insurance policies are available for the following:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium owners
  • Renters/tenants

Financial Stability

State Auto is an average-positive company for financial stability. State Auto was rated by big financial players Moody’s, S&P and the BBB. Moody’s, one of the largest financial companies in the U.S. awarded them an A3 – Excellent rating for financial stability. This was temporarily downgraded during 2015 when the company’s finances struggled for a while. The S&P currently awards State Auto a BBB+ rating which means the company has enough finances to cover their claims. State Auto is listed on the Better Business Bureau which rates insurance companies based on their financial stability and customer complaint ratio. The BBB currently awards State Auto an A+ – Excellent rating.

Home Insurance

State Auto provides standard coverage for every one of their plans that includes repair/replacement costs for the home, the side structures, personal liability, medical liability, personal belongings and loss of use liability. State Auto’s premium plans/add-ons can extend coverage on the basic plans including coverage for high-value items. The Standard package is their foundational package, while the company offers a Protection Plus and Premier packages for clients who require higher coverage. 

Standard HO-3 Package

The Standard package provides coverage for the following:

  • The home. The main home is insured against all perils: fire, natural disasters, storms, home invasions, vandalism, etc. The home receives the most coverage and it’s usually 80% of the total coverage. Clients can optionally increase their coverage by upgrading their Standard plan.
  • Side structures. All side structures located on the client’s property are insured. Side structures such as guest houses, sheds, workshops, garages, animal barns, and more. Side structures can be insured for higher coverage independently. 
  • Personal belongings. All personal belongings in the home such as clothing, electronics, furniture, AC units, kitchen appliances, silverware are insured. To increase the limits on individual personal property clients can upgrade to the Premier plan. 
  • Personal liability. Clients are protected against legal and medical fees in the event of an accident on their property or damage to a neighbor’s property. If a tree falls over from a client’s property and the neighbor sues, the client will be insured for all legal and settlement costs. If a person is injured on the client’s property, they are entitled to medical coverage.

Protection Plus Package

State Auto’s Protection Plus package combines all basic policies from the Standard plan; however, it upgrades the key coverage by adding additional coverage on the main home. 

Premier Package

The Premier package is the company’s most luxurious package that provides extra coverage for all structures on the property including luxury items such as gold watches, cash, designer clothes, artwork, antiques, rare carpets, and more. 


State Auto provides multiple discounts for low-risk clients who have new homes or protective equipment. It also provides discounts for people who bundle multiple insurance policies and stay with the company for a long time. The following discounts are available for all HO-3 plans:

  • Smart home discount. If the home has smart security gadgets such as smoke alarms, sprinklers, motion/heat detectors, smart lights and security cameras, it is eligible for a discount. 
  • Fortified home discount. If the home has equipment that protects it against the elements: hurricane protection, wind protection, hail-storm protection, etc it may be eligible for discounts, however, it has to pass their fortified home standards. 
  • Bundle policy discount. If the client opts to combine their HO-3 policy along with auto insurance or another policy such as an umbrella policy, they are eligible for a discount.
  • Loyalty discount. If a client is with the company for more than 5 years, they are eligible for a reduction in their premiums.

Customer Reviews

State Auto receives positive feedback and praise for clients – there are very few negative reviews in relation to payout and claims processing. One client said he received a great discount on his home-auto bundle policy. Another client reported his policy price went down after he renewed his policy. Clients praise their low premium rates and many discount options.

Negative reviews for State Auto describe the inconvenience of some of their services. Clients say they send bills via mail all the time and they still don’t have a paperless option. Some clients claimed that the company increased their premiums after a small claim. There are some negative reviews about the adjusters who decide how much damage a client can collect – clients say some of them are terrible and do anything to save a dollar.

In conclusion, we found that most reviews about State Auto homeowners insurance are positive, and the company is seen as reliable even in times of emergency.

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