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Home Insurance in Marion County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Marion County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Marion County, FL: Companies & Premiums
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Within over 365,000 residents in 2019, Marion County is one of the most populous counties in the state of Florida. The county is just north of the close to the center of peninsular Florida and is made up of the Ocala Metropolitan Area, which crosses over the border of 3 neighboring counties and has a population of about 355,000 people.

Living in Marion

Marion County’s median household income is $43,361 as of 2018, which sits about 30 percent below the national median. Additionally, according to data from Zillow, Marion County homes have a median value of $170,442 as of March 2020.

The largest cities in the county are Ocala, Belleview, and Dunnellon, which have about 60,000, 5,000, and 1,700 residents, respectively. Outside of its cities, Marion County has numerous unincorporated communities where much of the county’s rather evenly dispersed residents live. 

The county also is home to the Ocala National Forest, the second-largest national protected area in the state, which offers campground and RV camping, cabin rentals, hiking trails, and natural pools and canoeing spots that people enjoy year-round.

Home Insurance Premiums in Marion County

In Marion County, premiums for your home insurance policy FL have an average of about $1,100 or $1,600, depending on whether or not your home has wind mitigation. As the chart below shows, home with wind mitigation features will bring you significant savings each year, as insurance companies see this as a way to decrease the likelihood of damage, and therefore a claim.

Living in Florida means that your home will be vulnerable to damage during hurricane season each year, a reality that homeowners have to deal with. This is something that home insurance companies take into account when assessing the likelihood of you making a claim, which is why adding wind mitigation to an older home can bring down the cost of your home insurance premium.

Average Homeowners Premiums in Marion County

Construction TypeHome ValueAverage Premium
Overall Average$1,547.84
Pre-2001 (No Wind Mitigation)$150,000$1,604.70
Pre-2001 (With Wind Mitigation)$150,000$1,140.78
New Construction$300,000$1,898.04

The overall average premium for homeowners in this county was calculated to be $1,548 based on the data provided by Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation. Bringing down the cost of your home insurance doesn’t have to require expensive additions, as you can also save money on your insurance policy by thoroughly shopping around. Every insurance company arrives at the quote they offer you in various ways, and as the list below shows, that can mean insurance companies’ average premiums can vary greatly.

Based on the average premium costs for home insurance at the most affordable companies in Marion County, homeowners with a pre-2001 home with wind mitigation, purchasing a policy with First Protective, on average, had savings of around $550 compared to the county average.

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 without wind mitigation, the average premium is $1,605.

Check out cheaper options below:

  • First Protective – $1,098
  • Tower Hill Prime – $1,151
  • Southern Fidelity – $1,234
  • American Integrity – $1,247

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction Without Wind Mitigation Rate in Marion County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$1,098
Tower Hill Prime$1,151
Southern Fidelity$1,234
American Integrity$1,247
Tower Hill Signature$1,306
Tower Hill Preferred$1,365
St. Johns$1,376
Florida Peninsula$1,386
People's Trust$1,405
Tower Hill Select$1,480
American Traditions$1,514
First Community$1,570
Florida Farm$1,626
Florida Family$1,651
Liberty Mutual$1,732
Security First$1,784
Family Security$1,824
Castle Key$2,105
Southern Oak$2,217
Auto Club Florida$2,368
State Farm Florida$2,852

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 with wind mitigation, the average premium is $1,141.

Check out cheaper options below:

  • First Protective – $574
  • Universal – $831
  • Tower Hill Prime – $842
  • Citizens – $853

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction With Wind Mitigation Rate in Marion County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$574
Tower Hill Prime$842
American Integrity$875
St. Johns$885
American Traditions$932
Tower Hill Signature$944
Florida Farm$945
People's Trust$952
Southern Fidelity$965
Tower Hill Preferred$999
Tower Hill Select$1,076
Florida Peninsula$1,112
Liberty Mutual$1,180
Florida Family$1,229
Southern Oak$1,277
First Community$1,278
Security First$1,446
Family Security$1,501
Castle Key$1,647
Auto Club Florida$1,738
State Farm Florida$2,296

For $300,000 homes with new construction, the average premium is $1,898.

Check out cheaper options below:

  • First Protective – $1,088
  • Stillwater – $1,221
  • American Integrity – $1,402
  • American Traditions – $1,221

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $300,000, New Construction in Marion County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$1,088
American Integrity$1,402
American Traditions$1,433
St. Johns$1,449
People's Trust$1,487
Tower Hill Prime$1,600
Southern Oak$1,665
Florida Farm$1,690
Tower Hill Select$1,704
Tower Hill Signature$1,747
Tower Hill Preferred$1,762
Florida Peninsula$1,804
Southern Fidelity$1,878
First Community$2,021
Florida Family$2,164
Security First$2,240
Family Security$2,346
Castle Key$2,406
Auto Club Florida$2,454
Liberty Mutual$2,459
State Farm Florida$3,897

Flood Insurance in Marion

Despite Marion County’s landlocked location, homes within its borders are still likely to suffer damage from flooding during hurricane season, especially if located within flood plains of the rivers and other bodies of water in the county. The southeastern states, face expensive damage from flooding every year that causes millions of dollars in insurance claims, which is why standard home insurance doesn’t cover damage from flooding.

If you plan on living and owning a home in Marion County, purchasing a separate flood insurance policy in addition to your homeowners insurance is a must. Fortunately, you can get an affordable policy through local insurance companies like First Protective, which will underwrite policies from the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program

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