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Gadsden, AL Home Insurance Rates

“There is no place like home.” This statement well describes the importance of home to everyone out there. Everyone dreams to have their own home as their protection and safety hub. Just like a home protects us in one way or the other, it needs safety and protection too. This is where homeowners insurance acts as a savior.

Situated on the Coosa River, Gadsden is a city in Etowah County, Alabama. It is situated 90 kilometers northeast from Birmingham and 140 kilometers southwest from Chattanooga.

It has a total area of 38.5 square miles, 96.9% of which is comprised of land, while 3.1% is water. The southern side of the Lookout Mountain stretches to the north side of Gadsden. This city has the perfect combination of mountain scenery and rushing waters.

Gadsden Climate

The climate in Gadsden is humid subtropical in nature with four different seasons. The summers are hot and humid with temperature ranging from 27°C to 38°C and lasting for about five months from May to September. On the other hand, winters are mildly cold with temperature ranging from -7°C to 5.2°C, lasting for about 3 months from December to February.

While snowfalls are extreme rare, happening once in many years, rainfalls are common with the most rain occurring in the months of January and February. This has led to thunderstorms and tornados in the city. Gadsden is very vulnerable to natural disasters including earthquake, flood, hail, heavy snowfall, drought, and strong winds. Thus, it is highly recommended to have an insured home.

Gadsden Homeowners Insurance Monthly Costs

We gathered data on insurance rates by asking for quotes for a 1500 sq. ft. house that was built in 2000 and has two full bathrooms. Home value is estimated to be $150,000. We also assumed that the roof has been replaced in 2015. We used the same details to get quotes for three zip codes in Gadsden from the three leading insurance companies: State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Travelers.

Out of all three, Travelers charges the lowest premium with an average of $109.33. Liberty Mutual comes at second number with an average premium of $141, while State Farm is the most expensive insurance company in the city, charging an average of $173.72

The average insurance premium charged in Gadsden is $141.35, which is about 2.5% cheaper than the average home insurance premium charged in the Alabama state at $144.95.

Zip Codes
State FarmLiberty MutualTravelersZip Code Average
Company averages$173.72$141.00$109.33Gadsden Average: $141.35


Gadsden Statistics

According to the 2017 census, the population of Gadsden is 35,409, but it was 36,856 back in 2010. It’s clear from this that the population has decreased over the years. There are about 14,162 housing units in the city, out of which 60.6% are occupied by the owners themselves. The median income of a household is $30,496, while the median value of a home is $68,800.

The crime rate in the city is 162% higher than the state’s average. Annual property crime rate comes at 74.59 reported incidents for every 1000 people. Thus, every 1 out of 13 people is prone to be a victim of property crime. With such dangers lurking around, you have to ensure your property is safe and even if anything happens, your investment stays secure. This is only possible if you have got your home insured.

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