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Columbus, Georgia Home Insurance Rates

Columbus, Georgia Homeowners Insurance Rates

Columbus, Georgia Home Insurance Rates
Columbus neighborhood by JHP Architecture

Finding the right homeowners insurance in the city of Columbus in Georgia is easy, as long as you know how to look. In this article, we will walk you through the different homeowners insurance available in this city.

Tucked nicely against the beautiful Chattahoochee River, Columbus is a vibrant city that has a steadily growing number of residents. It is home to the popular Coca-Cola Space Science Center, a special STEM center operated by the Columbia State University. It is a consolidated city-county which is also the seat for Muscogee County. 

Columbus is the fourth largest metropolitan area, as well as, the third largest city in the state of Georgia. It is home to 194,160 residents with about 73,179 households. The city is divided into 5 neighborhoods with the downtown area as the central business district and home to several historic districts. Other neighborhoods include East Columbus, Midtown, North Columbus, and South Columbus which are predominantly residential and suburban areas. 

Because of Columbus’ rich history, laid back culture, and friendly locals, it is not surprising that it welcomes plenty of new residents every year. It is also within the vicinity of Fort Benning, which is also the top employer in the city. As Columbus is a diverse city, you will also be able to find different types of housing units including single family homes, townhouses, apartments, and condominium units. As a homeowner, it is crucial that you know how to find the right insurance policy for your protection. 

Demographics in Columbus

Population: 194,160


  • Households: 73,179
  • Owner Occupied: 48.4%
  • Person Per Household: 2.60
  • Average Family Size: 3.08
  • Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units: $140,200
  • Median Gross Rent: $856
  • Median Household Income: $43,239

Average Insurance Costs In Georgia

One of the best reasons why many families choose to live in Georgia is because of its affordable homeowners insurance cost. In comparison, expensive costs in the neighboring state like Florida, the premium rates in Georgia are easier on the pocket. The average annual cost of homeowners insurance in Georgia is $1,200 which ranks it as the 20th in the country in terms of home insurance premiums. Of course, the rate will also change depending on different factors. 

Home Insurance Companies in Columbus

There are a number of insurance companies providing homeowners insurance policies in Georgia. It is crucial that you do careful research to get the best for your home. Homes valued at $200,000 will have the following premium options including factors such as the deductible.

Company$1000 Deductible
AIG $893
American Family $717
American National General $765
Amica Mutual $1319
Central Mutual $1181
Chubb $1450
Integon National$1339
Massachusetts Bay $1381
First Protective $1586
Old Dominion$1025

Hazards in Georgia

Compared to other states, Georgia enjoys fewer disasters but it can still be exposed to a number of hazards. The state is the 7th rainiest in the entire country and typical hazards include river flooding and urban flooding. Therefore, if you live in Georgia, it may be helpful if you include flood insurance. Other hazards in Georgia include landslides, mudslides, extreme heat, and tornados. These kinds of natural disasters can easily cause damage to your property, therefore make sure that your home is covered with the right coverage. 

According to the Insurance Services Office (ISO), the most common cause of homeowners insurance loss in the state is due to property damage. These damages include wind and hail, water damage and freezing, fire and lightning, vandalism, and theft. 

Theft and Burglary in Columbus

In the 2017 city data, there were 2,131 burglaries and 5,985 thefts reported in Columbus. And while these numbers are significantly lower compared to the previous years, it is still important to make sure that your home and personal property is covered with the right policy. 

Factors That Affect Your Premiums 

There are a number of reasons why your homeowners insurance premium can become higher or lower than the usual cost. 

  • Location of your home – The location of your property plays a vital role in premium cost. For example, homes located in areas that are considered a “hazard” may require more expensive home insurance. 
  • Age of your property – Older homes will likely have more wear and tear and may be charged with a higher premium. Experts recommend that you consider updating systems in your home to lower the premium prices. For example, improve the HVAC, electrical system, or plumbing system to get better premium deals. 
  • Materials used to build your home – The type of materials used in your home will affect the overall total of your premium. For example, homes built using bricks as framing will have a more affordable premium than a home that is made with wood. 

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