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Burbank CA Home Insurance Rates

If you’re planning to buy home insurance in Burbank CA, expect it to run you about $1,192 a year. It’s pretty steep compared to the average home insurance cost in California. Although this doesn’t mean you can’t get it for cheaper.

Where to Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Burbank, CA

Burbank’s cheapest home insurance policies range from $375 to $803. Pacific Property & Casualty has the lowest rates for new homes. But if you want to insure older houses, Allstate has the most affordable options.

For buyers on a budget, the best homeowners insurance in Burbank CA are:

  1. Allstate ($622.25)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($632.25)
  3. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($632.25)
  4. Pacific Property & Casualty ($753.25)
  5. CSE Safeguard ($769.75)
  6. Tokio Marine America ($772.25)
  7. Universal North America ($800.75)
  8. Pacific Specialty ($800.75)
  9. QBE ($869.50)
  10. Travelers ($878)
  11. First American Specialty ($884.25)
  12. California Casualty ($889.50)
CompanyAnnual rate for a new house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $400k coverageAnnual rate for 7-15 yr house & $300k coverageAnnual rate for 26-40 yr house & $300k coverageCompany Average
Average$976.40$1459.85$1133.90$1197.77Burbank Average:
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$383$851$644$651$632.25
Mercury Ins Group$400$833$648$648$632.25
Pacific Property And Casualty$375$987$746$905$753.25
CSE Safeguard$495$913$815$856$769.75
Tokio Marine America$728$939$711$711$772.25
Pacific Specialty$658$1,038$793$714$800.75
Universal North America$500$962$772$969$800.75
First American Specialty$468$1,263$903$903$884.25
California Casualty$561$1,102$930$965$889.5
Aegis Security$805$1,069$804$973$912.75
General Ins$607$1,159$927$988$920.25
IDS Property Casualty$753$1,151$851$980$933.75
California Capital$754$1,144$912$932$935.5
ASI Select Ins Corp$666$1,140$899$1,040$936.25
MAPFRE Group$714$1,226$913$956$952.25
State Farm$631$1,238$946$1,023$959.5
Western Mutual/Residence$813$1,088$843$1,135$969.75
Amica Mutual$874$1,208$942$942$991.5
Liberty Ins Corp$666$1,207$975$1,236$1021
American Security$872$1,246$936$1,138$1048
Horace Mann$1,025$1,367$971$1,029$1098
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$741$1,466$1,140$1,152$1124.75
American Reliable$1,051$1,265$989$1,210$1128.75
Stillwater Ins Co$772$1,496$1,163$1,156$1146.75
Horace Mann P & C$1,090$1,454$1,037$1,099$1,170
American Modern$1,349$1,470$1,070$1,179$1,267
Hartford (Sentinel)$1,107$1,686$1,390$1,617$1,450
Foremost Insurance$1,598$1,758$1,252$1,382$1,497.5
Farmers (Fire Ins)$1,282$2,131$1,702$1,546$1,665.25
Metropolitan Direct$1,406$2,130$1,637$1,716$1,722.25
Cincinnati Ins Co$1,686$2,111$1,600$1,679$1,769
AIG Prop Cas$1,863$2,323$1,763$1,849$1,949.5
Bankers Standard$2,221$2,938$2,736$2,868$2,690.75
Privilege Underwriters Exch$3,218$4,470$3,352$3,352$3,598

New home owners who want $400,000 coverage should consider these companies for affordable prices:

  1. Pacific Property & Casualty ($375)
  2. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($383)
  3. Mercury Ins Group ($400)
  4. First American Specialty ($468)
  5. Allstate ($486)

You can get the same $400,000 coverage for a 7-15 year old home at:

  1. Allstate ($803)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($833)
  3. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($851)
  4. CSE Safeguard ($913)
  5. Tokio Marine America ($939)

Meanwhile, a lower $300,000 coverage for a 7-15 year old house is cheapest at:

  1. Allstate ($600)
  2. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($644)
  3. Mercury Ins Group ($648)
  4. Tokio Marine America ($711)
  5. Pacific Property & Casualty ($746)

Homeowners with 26-40 year old homes can get the most affordable $300,000 insurance from:

  1. Allstate ($600)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($648)
  3. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($651)
  4. Tokio Marine America ($711)
  5. Pacific Specialty ($714)

Why compare homeowners insurance in Burbank, CA?

Here’s a quick fact: California home insurance companies won’t always give you competitive rates. The cost and coverage of policies offered by these companies will depend on your city. By comparing providers in Burbank, CA you’d be able to tell which ones offer insurance at a bargain.

Keep in mind that it isn’t about getting the lowest-priced policy. The best Burbank home insurance can give you adequate protection at affordable rates.

Top 5 Insurance Tips for First Time House Buyers

Purchasing a new home? Then there’s no better time to buy home insurance! We know how overwhelming it can be for first-timers. That’s why we’ve got tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Buy home insurance before you complete your house purchase

Most mortgage companies will require you to secure coverage this early. Lucky for you, you can shop for home insurance policies online, any time and any day.

Tip #2: Get home insurance quotes from different companies

Why not? It’s totally free. Plus, it will save time if you prepared one application and used it to request quotes from several providers.

Tip #3: Compare quotes from home insurance companies

Once you have a list of quotes, spend time comparing companies. See which ones offer the best home insurance coverage for their price, and go for them.

Tip #4: Opt for bundled insurance to get discounts

Insurance providers usually have more than home insurance available. You can get discounts if you bundled it with other policies. Home and car insurance bundles are the most common. But there are companies with policies for health and life insurance.

Tip #5: Consider your location when choosing home insurance

Each city or state will be more prone to certain dangers than others. Naturally, you’d want home insurance that provides the most protection against common perils in your area. You can’t expect your standard policy to cover everything. That’s why you should also choose a company with enough endorsements to cover your every need.

What Is It Like To Live In Burbank CA?

Burbank is a big city with a small-town vibe. It’s an attractive location for settling down because it makes you feel at home without being too dull. The city has a decent selection of restaurants, bars, malls, and events to keep you busy. But if you’re craving for more, you can always drive to livelier cities like Pasadena and Los Angeles via Interstate 5.

It may surprise you that Burbank, CA only grew in population by 1.4% from 2010 to 2017. This is possibly due to its high housing costs combined with a not-so-high income. The average household in Burbank earns no more than $69,118 – only $1,949 higher than the state average. Meanwhile, the city’s median housing costs are incredibly high at $646,000. That’s about 3.4 times the national average and $200,000 higher than most homes in California.

Most people that work here live in nearby cities with cheaper homes and more affordable rent. This would explain the heavy traffic during rush hours. But if you can afford to live in Burbank CA, you won’t regret it.


The home insurance costs on this web page were retrieved from the official website of California Insurance Department. Actual rates may vary from the displayed costs. Only use our website as a general guideline to compare home insurance rates. Statistics involving US cities and states were sourced from the United States Census Bureau website.

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